Thursday, February 21, 2013

Government Doctors Wants Health Minister To Uphold Amendment On Removing Surgical Part From MBBS Degree

The Government Medical Officers Forum(GMOF) has informed the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena today (21) that around 14,000 graded Medical Officers island wide will be withdrawn from their hospital services soon if the Health Authorities failed to uphold the amendment to the Sri Lankan Medical Ordinance on removing surgical part from MBBS(Bachelor Of Medicine Bachelor Of Surgery) Degree awarded to Graduate Doctors with immediate effect.

During the special meeting held between a 15 member delegation of  GMOF Doctors and Health Minister at the Health Ministry Premises this evening the doctors have pointed out that the amendment to the Medical Ordinance on removing surgical part from MBBS Degree should be withdrawn with immediate effect.

Also the team of doctors proposed a plan to give Grade 1 Promotions for the Grade 2 Medical Officers who have completed six years of service.

Cabinet Has Decided To Prohibit The Sale Of State And Private Land To Foreigners

Coat of arms of Sri Lanka, showing a lion holding a sword in its right forepaw surrounded by a ring made from blue lotus petals which is placed on top of a grain vase sprouting rice grains to encircle it. A Dharmacakra is on the top while a sun and moon are at the bottom on each side of the vase.The Cabinet has decided to prohibit the  outright sale of state and private land to foreigners Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella has stated today(21).speeking at the cabinet press  briefing held in Government Information Department he has said the decision was taken during yesterday's Cabinet Meeting.

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