Sunday, April 26, 2020

New York To Allow Corona Virus Tests In Pharmacies


UPDATED -Corona Virus Positives In The Country Has Exceeded 500-63 Positives Had Been Reported Today (26)

According to the latest statistics
announced by the Epidemeology Unit , 63 Corona virus positives had been reported from the country during  today (26) until  11.54 p.m .

Accordingly the total number of Corona Virus positives reported from tbe country had been risen to 523 the Unit has stated .The number of positives reported today was the highest number of Corona Virus positives reported in a single day here so far .

Majority of today's Corona Virus Positives were Navy personal attached to Welisara Naval base who had involved in sesrch missions to find out the persons contacted corona positives and those who are undergoing quarantine process at Quarantine Centers  it has been revealed .

At the moment 396 Corona positives are being treated at 05 Government Hospitals and 02 other Corona positives had been dischargrd from hospitals today increasing the total number of corona positives discharged from hospitals  .

Army Captian At Seeduwa Tested Positive For Corona Virus -150 In The Camp Are Being Self Isolatex

An Army Captian attached to the
Special Army Task Force camp at Seeduwa area had been tested positive for the Corona Virus the Health Authorities have announced today (26).

Accordingly around 150 Army personal attached to the Army Camp including some officers are being self isolated due to this situation the Authorities have revealed .

No one in the Camp allows  to going out from the Camp and outsiders cannot enter the camp either the authorities have stressed .

Government To Extend The Curfew Imposd In 22 Districts Until Tuesday Morning (28).

Government has today (26)changed it's

Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...