Friday, October 10, 2014

Land Slide Warning Issued For Ten Districts

Due to the adverse weather condition prevails in the country these days the Disaster Management Center (DMC) has today (10)issued land slide warning to ten districts .The land slide warning issued to the Kandy ,NuwraEliya,Badulla,Kalutara,Galle,Matara,Hambanthota,,Matale,Ratnapura and Kagalle Districts as the meteorological department has announced that the current adverse weather condition will continue next 24 hours as well. 

Price Of Cigarettes Has Been Increased By One Rupee To Two Rupees

The price of cigarettes has been increased by One Rupee to Two Rupees with effect from today(10) the Ceylon Tobacco Company(CTC) has said.According to the new price revision  the price of a one variety of cigarette has increased from One Rupee and another variety by  Two Rupees.

Railway Strike To Continue Despite The District Court Issued An Enjoining Order Preventing The Strike Further

As the Island Wide Railway Strike Continues for the second consecutive day today(10) the Colombo District Court has issue an enjoining order to the organizers of the strike The  Railway Graded Trade Unions Collective  by preventing the trade union alliance of engaging the strike action further.It has been reported that the court has issued the enjoining order considering the complaint filed by three Passengers. 

Due to the ongoing Railway Strike Train Services  island wide have been paralyzed today as well by putting  thousands of commuters in to difficulties.

Meanwhile the Railway Graded Trade Unions Collective has today decided to continue the ongoing Railway  strike as the discussions with the authorities on their demands have failed .T
he Trade Union Collective has said that still they do not receive an enjoining order which has issued by the district court today and therefor will continue the strike .

The Railway Professionals including train drivers,controllers,station guards and Station Masters are participating the ongoing strike action,

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