Thursday, November 1, 2012

Government MP's Handed Over A Impeachment Motion Against Chief Justice

A group of ruling party MP's were handed over   an impeachment motion against Chief Justice Dr.Mrs Shirani Bandaranayake to the Parliamentary Speaker Chamal Rajapkshat this morning .according to the Parliamentary sources the motion was signed by 117 government MP's and revolves around an improper behavior of the chief justice and six other accusations against her.

Government MP's Arundika Fernando,Lasantha Alagiyawanne, and Shanta Bandara were handed over this motion to the speaker this morning at Parliament.the impeachment motion against chief justice was approved by president mahinda rajapaksha at the ruling party leaders meeting held yesterday(31) according to government sources.

Under the  Section 107 of the Constitution, before an impeachment motion is presented to the speaker, atleast a third of the members in the parliament must sign the motion, a third being 75 MPs. It is reported that around 107 MPs have already signed the motion.


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