Sunday, March 4, 2018

Consumer Affairs Authority Granted Permission To Increase Prices Of Two Locally Made Cement Varieties

sri lanak made cement සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
Consumer Affairs Authority had granted permission to increase the prices of  two  locally made Cement varieties.

Accordingly The Authority had given permission to  increase the 50 Kilo Gramme locally made Cement Pack by Rs.30 with effect from this Wednesday(07).As per the new price increase the Price of 50 Kilo Gramme Locally made Cement Pack will be increased from Rs.930 to Rs.960 according to sources.

The price increase was allowed due to the high cost borne by Local Cement Manufacturers when importing raw materials for Cement Production it has been revealed.


dont hurt your friends and closed ones සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල

Japan ties with Singapore to top passport power ranking

The Japanese passport.

World's Most Dangerous Listeria Bacteria Source Found In South Africa

Indian Cinema-Bonney Kapoor And Daughters Immersed Late Sridevi's Ashes In Rameshwaram,South India


An Award Winning Veteran Author Arawwala Nandimithra Has Passed Away

An award winning veteran  Author and

Novelist Arawwala Nandimithra has passed away today (04)in his residence at Arawwala, Pannipitiya at the age of 78 years .

Born in 1939 He began his career as an Author in 1965 by writing a short story collection and some of his credited work includes "Ganthera Theraniya ,"Kandulak Sinasi",Punchi Tharuwak" and "Maldeniye Simion".A film was also made based on one of his famous novels "Maldeniye Simion" .

The funeral of the late author will be held on this Wednesday (07).

A Female Was Killed And Her Son Was Injured Due To A Motorcycle -Lorry Collision

A mother who was a pillion rider was

killed and her son the Motorcycle rider was critically injured and hospitalized after the Motorcycle they were riding in colliding with a Lorry arrived from the opposite side at Athuruwala,Giriulla

The critically injured Motorcyclist was admitted to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital and later Transferred to Colombo National Hospital for further treatment.

Police have arrested the Lorry driver regarding the accident and after producing before the court the driver was remanded until 06th of March.

The accident occurred when the Motorcyclist attempting to pass the Lorry in  careless manner it has been revealed.

A Chinese National Was Arrested With Rs. 7.8 Million Worth Foreign Currency Notes

Airport Customs Officers had arrested a
40 year old Chinese National while attempting  to smuggle Foreign currency notes worth around Rs.7.8 million to Thailand ,at Katunayake,Bandaranayake
 International Airport today (04).

The stock of US Dollar Notes worth USD 50,100 were found concealed inside his luggage according to customs.

The Chinese National who is attached to a Private Company arrived in Katunayake,Airport to board a Thai Airways flight flying to Bangkok , Thailand.

Gazette Notification On Banning Selling Of Cigarettes Within 100 Meter Area Around Schools To Be Issued On 07th Of April-Revised Earlier Decision Covering 500 Meters

The gazette notification regarding

banning selling of Cigarettes within 100 meter area around schools will be issued on 07th of April which is International Health Day according to Minister Of Health Dr.Rajiha Senaratna.

Earlier Minister has stated the ban of selling Cigarettes around 500 meter area will be implemented and a Cabinet paper too submitted regarding the proposal.However now that distance has been reduced by 400 meters to 100 meters

Meanwhile Health Ministry has decided to increase the age limit of who are eligible to purchase cigarettes to 21  years from 18 years.


Government To Provide Concessions To The Electricity Bills Issued During Last March ,April And May

Government has decided to grant concessions for the Electricity bills of the consumers for the months of March,April and May where an is...