Sunday, April 5, 2009

Three Senior LTTE Leaders Among Those Killed DuringTheir Last Battle Against The Forces

Three Senior Leaders of the LTTE Theepan,Nagesh and the leader of the LTTE'S Womens Wing Vedusha confirmed as killed during the confrontation with the Sri Lanakan Ground Troops when capturing the final Rebel Stronghold of Puthukkuduyirippu Area this noon.

Over Two Hundrad bodies of the rebels were recovered from the Area according to the Securty Sources.Remaining LTTE Leaders are now gathered to the No War Zone along with the trapped Civilians.LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is believed to be hide in a Bunker located within the No War Zone along with his son Charls Anthony who was injured during the Confrontation with Armed Forces a weak ago.

Security Forces Captured The Final LTTE Stronghold Restricting Rebels To The No War Zone

Little while ago Ground Troops Captured the entire Puthukkuduyirippu Area the final stronghold of the LTTE Rebels who are fighting for a separate state in Northern Sri Lanka.Troops captured the remaining One Square Kilo Meter area hold by the Rebels short while ago and recovered 200 Bodies of the Rebels Security Sources said.

Now the remaining LTTE Rebels including their leaders are gathered to the No War Zone along with trapped civilians according to the sources.Forces are now moving to cleared that Area too from Rebels Sources further added.
LTTE fighting for a separate state in Northern Sri Lanka from more than two decades left Thousands of innocent Civilians dead and Injured.

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