Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bribary Case Was Filed Against New Chief Justice

A financial fraud  case was filed at Bribery and Corruption Commission this evening against the newly appointed chief justice Mohan Pieris according to the commission sources.a trade unionist attached to leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) vasantha samarasinha had filed this case against new chief justice by stating  he has made the government a loss of Rs.75 million  during his tenure of office as attorney general.

Dr.Mrs.Bandaranaike Declared She Is Still The Legitamate Chief Justice Of Sri Lanka

Although president Mahinda Rajapaksha has appointed a new chief justice this noon the 43rd chief justice of Sri Lanka Dr.Mrs.Shirani Bandaranaike has stated this evening that she is still the legitimate chief justice in the country as both supreme and appeal courts recently gave her the verdict that the impeachment motion passed against her by the government was an illegal one.

Speaking to the media while vacating her official residence at Colombo 7 this evening she has said that the main reason behind  vacating her  official residence is to prevent occurring any violence among public under present circumstances.Dr.Mrs.Bandaranaike has also said that she didn't take a single cent from public money neither done anything wrong during her 32 year old career  as charged in impeachment motion passed against her at Parliament last Friday . "although  justice was not with me today the truth will revealed in near future" she has stressed.

Earlier on Sunday Mrs.Bandaranaike has requested the inspector general of police to tighten her security soon after received the  removal notice from chief justice  post from president.however inspector general of police after considering the request has replied her that the police department only able to provide her security till 6 p.m today.due to the  growing concerns over her security  after  new chief justice was appointed the first female chief justice of sri lanka Dr.Mrs.Bandaranike has revealed that now the security of  her family lies on the hands of  general public.

Meanwhile several court cases scheduled to be hear on number 502 court room of supreme court complex were postponed today due to the absence of dr.mrs.bandaranaike who was scheduled to sit down on the bench of judges of these cases.

Mohan Pieris Sworn In As New Chief Justice

Former Attorney General Mohan Pieris had sworn in before president mahinda rajapakshs as Sri Lanka's 44th Chief Justice this noon after parliamentary council has  recommended him for the top judicial post.despite criticisms from  opposition parties and intellectuals on  the way  government has removed chief justice Dr.Mrs.Shirani Bandaranaike from the post mohan pieris sworn in at temple treas amidst tight security.

After sworn in ceremony the newly appointed chief justice has visited the Supreme Court complex this evening.however largest trade union of sri lankan lawyers the bar association of Sri Lanka boycotted the sworn in ceremony as previously announced.

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