Thursday, January 10, 2019





Four Hunters Who Had Involved In Killing Animals Of Yala For Meat Had Been Arrested

Tissamaharama Police have arrested
four hunters who are killing animals of Yala National Wild Life Park and sell theit meat  along with a Jeep and 12 Bore Bullet Riffle they have used to kill Animals and transport meet at BanduWewa area yesterday (10).

The four hunters had been arrested after Wild Life officers at Ondatjee Holiday Resort at Yala park heard gun shots fired by Hunters and informEd  it to Police .

Police have tried to stop the Jeep of Hunters however they have fired gun shots towards Police and fled away from the scene .Later Hunters have been arrested and their Jeep was recovered at a garage in Mahasenpura and the rifle they have used found at ranminitianna  area .

Police along with wild life officers are now searching to find the meat of Animals the Hunters have killed .

Constitutional Council To Meet Today (11)

Constitutional Council is due to meet
from 10 a.m to 12.30 p.m today (11) at Parliamentary Complex .

Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri has informed the Parliament yesterday (10)that the Constitutional Council will meet today.

Meanwhile the consultative  Committee appointed to advise the Constitutional Draft Operations  Committee is due to submit it's report prepared by considering the stand of each political party over the newly drafted Constitution, is scheduled to be presented the report to Parliament today .

Newly drafted Constitution has suggests to abolish executive presidency.

Two Former LTTE Rebels Received 185 Year Imprisonment Over Killing 38 Passangers Of Antanov-32 Aircraft Through A Missile Attack

North Central Provincial High Court has
yesterday  (10)  sentenced two former  rebels attached to LTTE' Missile Unit a rigorous imprisonment of 185 years each over killing 37 persons including 36  Airforce ,Navy and Police  personal and a Russian pilot by shooting  down a Antanov-32  plane they were travelling by using missiles  from Vilpatttu Wild Life Park  on or near 30 th of March 2000 .

The Aircraft was flying from Patali to Rathmalana at the time of the attack.

Provincial High Court Judge Mahesh Weeraman has sentenced the imprisonment for two LTTE Rebels which had already serving a prison sentence since 8 years to be spent within 5 years at once .

Attorney General has filed 37 indictments against the accused and Provincial High Court Judge has sentenced them imprisonment by five years per a charge basis .Both accused found guilty over the charges .


LIOC To Reduce The Prices Of Petrol And Diesel As Well

lioc සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලLanka Indian Oil Company(LIOC0 has also decided to reduce the prices of Octane-92  and Octane -95 petrol and Diesel prices with effective from midnight tonight (10) coincided  with the price reduction implemented by government owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO).

Accordingly the Price of a liter of LIOC Octane-92 and Octane -95 Petrol  will be reduced by Rs.2 ,A Liter of Auto Diesel by Rs.2 and a Liter of Super Diesel by Rs.3 with effective from  midnight tonight.

A Person Was Dissapeared At Kirinda Coast Whilst Attempting To Take a Selfie

A 32 year old person has been drifted
away by sea waves and disappeared whilst attempting  to take a selfie photograph at Kirinda Sea coast area last evening (09).

The dissapeared Person who is a resident of Mulatiyana ,Matara has attempted to take a  Selfie picture of his whilst on the way Home from Pilgrimage to Kataragama it has been revealed .

Navy divers have launched a search operation to find out the dissapeared it has been revealed.

Prices Of Petrol And Diesel To Be Reduced From Midnight tonight (10)

Government has decided to Reduce the
prices of Petrol and Diesel by Rs. 2 and Enviornment friendly Euro-4 ,Super Diesel by Rs.3 with effect from midnight tonight (10) according to Ministry of Finance.

Accordingly price of a Liter of Octane -92 and Octane -95 Petrol will be reduced by Rs.2 ,Price of a Auto Diesel by Rs.2 and Price of a Super Diesel by Rs.3 accordance to the newly introduced price formula.

Although the government  has reduced the prices of fuel further the price of a crude oil barrel in world market  is on the increase Ministry has stated .

According to the price formula introduced by Government prices of fuel will be either increased or decreased on 10 th of every month accordance to the World Market prices.

A Gazette Notification Regarding Increasing Sugar Tax To Be Issued Soon

The Gazette Notification on increasing the Sugar Tax imposed on Soft Drinks which reduced during the Constitutional Coup period will be issued soon after consulting with Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera according to Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne. 

The sugar tax imposed on Soft drinks to protect people from Diabates and without knowing facts former President Mahinda Rajapakshe has reduced it during the Constitutional Coup period Minister has stressed.

"We should have work for the benefit of the people not the benifit of Multi national companies he has further said. 



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