Saturday, November 30, 2013

India To Offer Sri Lankan Naval Officers A Chance To Follow Four Year Training Course

India has today (30) offered to train Sri Lankan Naval Officers under the ongoing defense corporation agreement between tow countries.the visiting Indian Navy Chief Admiral Devendra Kumar  Joshi has made this offer when he meet President Mahinda Rajapaksha today.

The Indian Navy Chief is currently In Sri Lanka to attend International Naval Maritime Conference scheduled to be held in southern port city of Galle.

According to sources the Indian Navy Chief has offered a chance to Sri Lankan Naval Officers to follow four year Bachelor Of Technology Course which is currently restricted only for Indian Officers.

During the talks with President Rajapaksha Indian Navy Chief Admiral Joshi has discussed on several issues including the problem of combating piracy in the Indian ocean

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fifteen Health Trade Unions Have Received The Restraining Court Order After Strike Has Concluded

Joint Council Of Nurses-PSM'S And Para Medical Officers which launched the two day island wide strike in government hospitals has today(29) received the restraining court order issued on last Wednesday(27) to prevent their strike action according to co -convener of the joint council Saman Rathnapriya.the leaders of all 15 health trade unions attach to the joint council have received the court order  today two days after Colombo District Court has issued that and several hours after the strike has concluded Ratnapriya has revealed.

The most controversial factor is the restraining court order was given to the leaders of another two health trade unions the Government Family Health Officers (Midwives) Association and All Ceylon Health Services Union as well who did not participated the two day strike he has stressed.

Meanwhile The Joint Council Of Nurses,PSM'S And Para Medical Officers has decided to meet next Wednesday(04th) to discuss the future trade union action to be taken by demanding solutions for six of their service demands.

Second Reading Of The Budget Was Passed With Majority Of Votes

The second reading of the budget proposals 2014 was  passed this evening in Parliament with a majority of 99 the voting 154 Government MP'S voting in favor of the budget while 55 Opposition MP'S voting against it.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fourty Five Government And Private Sector Trade Unions To Launch A Trade Union Action With Health Unions

The Government And Private Sector Trade Unions Collective compromised with 45 trade unions is currently holding  discussions  on possibility to launch a Joint Trade Union Action with Joint Council Of Nurses-PSM'S and Para Medical Officers soon to oppose the Court Restraining Order issued to prevent ongoing strike of Health Professionals the secretary of the Trade Unions Collective Joseph Stalin has said today(28).

According Mr.Stalin the court restraining order issued by Colombo District Court yesterday was clearly a government sponsored one to destroy trade unions right to  strike .the 45 trade union member Trade Unions Collective has also decided to complaint on this international organizations in coming days he has stressed.

Addressing a Press Briefing held at State Staff Union Office in Colombo-03 this evening Mr.Stalin who is also the Secretary of Ceylon Teachers Union has said that launching a strike to win demands is a right attach to trade unions and no one can challenge that right.'if the authorities are trying to challenge that right it's a clear violation of Trade Unions Act" he has further added.

The office bearers of Inter University Teachers Federation,Ceylon Health Services Union,Postal And Telecommunication Officers Union ,The Free Media Movement and several Trade Unions attach to Government And Private Sector Trade Unions Collective have addressed the briefing.

Meanwhile the Two Day island wide strike launched by PSM's ,Para Medical Officers and Nurses has continued to it's second day today and hospital services including issuing of drugs and injections in OPD'S,Radiography Tests,Laboratory Tests,Physiotherapy Tests have stooped due to the strike.the strike is scheduled to be stopped 7 a.m tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Joint Trade Union Council Of 16 Health Trade Unions To Continue Their Strike Despite The Court Order

Although there are reports that the Colombo District Court has issued a restraining order to prevent   their strike action  the two day strike action launched by  Joint Council Of Nurses,Professions Supplementary To Medicine and Para Medical Officers which is going on at present will continue as usual according to joint convener of the Council Saman Jayasekera.

"The Restraining Order issued by District Court Still not received by
us . therefor the strike action will continue tomorrow as well "he has stressed.

Due to the two day island wide strike launched by Joint Council this morning the issuing of drugs and injections through the out door patients departments(OPD) of Government Hospitals,Laboratory Tests,Radiography Tests  and Physiotherapy Treatment have stopped  which left tens of thousands of patients in difficult situation.however majority of Nurses are reported as avoid participating the strike action.

Colombo District Court Has Issued Restraining Order To 16 Health Trade Unions Preventing Strike Action

The Colombo District Court has this evening issued a restraining order to the 16 trade union  Joint Council Of Nurses,PSM's and Para Medical Officers by preventing them from  launching a strike action until 11th of December.Colombo District Court  Judge Pradeep Hettiaarachchi has issued this restraining order to the Joint Council according to a petition filed by a Patient name Palitha Herath against the strike action launched in government hospitals by  Joint Council.

The 16 trade union alliance has launched a two day island wide strike in government hospitals and health institutions this morning by demanding solutions for 6 of their service demands.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

President Rajapaksha Has Instructed Health Minister To Probe On Fraudulent Cancer Injection Deal

The President Mahinda Rajapaksha has instructed Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena yesterday(25) to investigate on handing over the tenders of supplying "Oncaspher" Injection and other expensive Cancer Injections for Maharagama,Cancer Hospital to  a fraudulent Drug Company by violating normal tender procedures.

On the directive of President Rajapaksha ,Health Minister has instructed Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake to inquire on the said tender deal according to the Ministry Sources.meanwhile soon after the President has instructed on the investiagtions Health Minister has reported as asked both Media Officer Of the Ministry and director Of National Drug Authority who are responsible for handling the fraudulent tender deal to come to his office and scolded  them for their wrong doing sources have added.

By praising the President's prompt action on requesting an investigation on the Fraudulent Tender Deal of purchasing Expensive Cancer Injections to Cancer Hospital ,the Forum Of  Health Professionals  Against Government Corruption has said that the Health Ministry should have been make the requested investigation in to a reality .how the media officer of Health Ministry has issuing several created press releases contained false facts on the said cancer injections deal  as well as the way the officer has taken bribes from  fraudulent drug company on behalf of  handing over the cancer injection tender to the fraudulent company too  should have been investigated the forum has stressed.

PSM'S,Nurses And Para Medical Officers Are To Launch Two Day Island Wide Strike On 27th and 28 th

The Three Categories belongs to the Health Sector, the Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM's),Para Medical Officers and Nurses are due to launch a two day island wide strike action from 7 a.m tomorrow(27) to 7 a.m on Friday(29) by demanding solutions for six of their service demands according to Joint Professional Council Of Nurses,PSM'S and Para Medical Officers.

The said professions attach to  Lady Ridgway Children's ,Castle Street Womens,De Soyza Womens,Maharagama Cancer and Peradeniya Sirimawo Bandaranaike Memorial Hospitals are not participating this strike due to humanitarian reasons the Joint Council has said.

Due to the strike the issuing of Drugs and Injections at Government Hospital Out Door Patients Departments(OPD),all Laboaratory Tests like Blood and Urine Tests,Radiography Tests including C T Scan,X Ray and MRI Tests,EEG and ECG Tests,Physiotherapy Treatment offering in hospitals will be stopped on tomorrow and the day after hospital sources said.

Granting Rs.10,000 as On Call,Disturbance and Transport Allowance for   PSM's ,Para Medical Officers And Nurses ,increasing  their over time payments to Rs.200 per hour are among the six service demands Joint Council Of Nurses,PSM'S And Para Medical Officers has demanding

Every Sri Lankan Is In Debt To The Tune Of Rs.321,472

Every Sri Lankan is in debt to the tune of Rs.321,472   the Deputy  Minister Of Finance Dr.Sarath Amunugama has told today(26) in Parliament.the total debt of Sri Lanka is Rs.6518 Billion he has stressed.the deputy finance minister has revealed these facts in a reply to a question raised by opposition MP Sujeewa Senasinha(UNP).

Today was the fourth day of the 
Committee Stage of Annual Budget Debate -2014.

Monday, November 25, 2013

GMOA has Requested Health Ministry To Probe On 48 Registered Medical Practitioners Who Were Misused State Funds

The Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has requested Ministry Of Health to inquire and punish  48 Registered Medical Practitioners(RMO's) who had taken three year study leave with full pay from the Ministry Of Health in 1998 to study in Saint Petersburgh Medical Faculty in Russia but  completed the degree in short period of time.the said medical practitioners were found as only been in Russia for two weeks to six month period instead of three full years according to GMOA.

The 48 Registered Medical Practitioners were engaged in Private Practice in Sri Lanka on the three years they have received as full pay study leave instead of studying Russia for the full period as alleged by GMOA President Dr.Anuruddha Padeniya .however they have provided a false degree certificate that stating they have completed three year degree course at saint petersburgh medical college dr.padeniya has said.

As these Registered Medical Practitioners known as apothecaries misused state funds by providing false details of their degree an impartial inquiry should be held regarding this  matter GMOA President  has stressed.

The said Medical Practitioners have also applied for registration in Sri Lanka Medical Council but it has been stalled due to the objections raised by the GMOA.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cases Of Around 30 Sri Lankan Visa Violaters Are Reported From Malaysia Daily -Foreign Employment Bureau

The Foreign Employment Bureau has today(24) revealed  that cases of around  30 Sri Lankan visa violators who have entered Malaysia on Tourist Visa in  search of  employment there  are reported  to Sri Lankan Embassy in Malaysia daily basis .a large number of Sri Lankans who have flouted their visa conditions are now in Malaysian police custody bureau has said.

As those who are in custody do not name the foreign employment agency sent them to Malaysia the foreign employment bureau has not able to warn potential travelers there on the serious consequences facing if found violating visa conditions in that country the bureau has stressed.

According to Foreign Employment Bureau Chairman Managala Randeniya ,bureau has not responsible for the large number of Sri Lankan visa violators who are now in Malaysian Police Custody and they will not assist such people to secure their release because they have violated the country's  law.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Forum Of Health Professionals Against Corruption Has Filed A Bribery Case Against A Ministry Media Officer

The Forum Of Health Professionals Against Government Corruption  has filed a complaint before  Bribery or Corruption Commission requesting an inquiry on a Media Officer attach to the Ministry Of Health who has taken a sum of Rs.227,000 as a bribe from a corrupted Drug Company in view of granting a tender for the Company to supply an expensive Cancer Injections to Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

The Forum has filed this complaint  before the bribery commission on 07th of November the sources have their complaint the forum of health professionals against government corruption  has alleged that the said media officer has received Rs.227,000 as a bribe on behalf of the said tender in three installments on 18th,23rd and 27th of September 2013 to his  bank account at a Kirulapona Branch of a Private Bank.he has received the three installments as Rs.125,000 on 18th of September,Rs.50,000 on 23rd of September and Rs.52,000 on  27th of September according to forum sources.

After other Health Ministry Officials have received information on this fraud deal the said media officer has suspended his private bank account in Kirulapona Branch and now he has receiving a sum of over Rs.100,000 monthly from the corrupted drug company to his wife's bank account sources further added.

The Forum Against Government Corruption  has requested the bribery commission to investigate on all bank accounts belongs to the said media officer and take a stern action against him if found he is guilty of the charges.

Another Cabinet Minister Has Sworn In

Deputy Minister of  Economic Development S.M Chandrasena has been appointed as the Cabinet Minister for Special Projects .he has taken his oaths in the new portfolio before President Mahinda Rajapksha in Anuradhapura this noon.

With this new appointment the number of Cabinet Ministers in the present government has increased to 57.Sri Lankan Population is around 21 million people and having a total number of 67 ministers including 57 Cabinet Ministers and Ten Senior Ministers in the present government..besides that there are 38 deputy ministers and two project ministers.

Peices Of Several Essential Imported Commodities Are To Be Increased Following New Taxes

Following the taxes imposed on several imported essential commodities made through the 2014 budget proposals prices of them are expecting to be increased  during coming days according to local economists.the taxes are imposed on imported sugar,dhal,garlic,fruits,salmon,butter,yoghurt as well as petrol and diesel from the budget proposals presented to Parliament last Thursday.

The taxes are imposed on  Rs.30 per 1 Killo Gramme of imported Sugar,Rs.18-22 per Killo Gramme Of Dhal,Rs.40 per Garlic,Rs.102 per 1 Killo Gramme of Salmon,Rs.880 per 1 Killo Gramme of Butter,Rs.625 per 1 Killo Gramme of Yoghurt ,Rs.27 per imported liter of Petrol and Rs.3 per imported liter of Diesel through the budget proposals.the taxes imposed on imported fruits too have been revised.

In addition the tax imposed on all imported tobacco products too has been increased however the tobacco related expected  be not to be increased according to sources.

Customs Seized Four Metric Tonnes Of Sandalwood Imported Illegally From India

The Custom Officers have today(22) seized four metric tonnes of expensive red sandalwood imported illegally from South India and was declared as  Sanitary Ware.the seized stock of sandalwood is valued around Rs.100 million sources revealed.

The Stock Of Sandalwood was packed in 445 boxes and stored in a container at Colombo Harbor sources have further added.the said stock was transported to Dubai from Chennai via Colombo at  the time custom officials  seized it.

The investigations are underway through the naval ship which was transported the sandalwood stock custom officials said.

100% Surcharge On Imported Gold Has Been Removed

The 100% surcharge duty imposed on imported Gold has been removed with effect from today(22) according to Sri Lankan Customs.the surcharge was imposed on 21st of June this year for a six month period custom officials have said.

The surcharge was removed under the instructions of President Mahinda Rajapaksha they have further added.meanwhile import duty on gold has been reduced to 7.5% from 10% sources added.

Fixed And Mobile Phone Charges To Be Increased From January

Both Fixed and Mobile Phone charges are to be increased by 5% with effect from January 2014 according to Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(TRC)phone charges are going up due to the increasing of telecommunication levy through  budget proposals presented to the Parliament yesterday(21).

Thursday, November 21, 2013

67th Annual Budget Proposals Presented To The Parliament

*The Cost Of Living Allowance of all Government Sector Employees to be increased by Rs.1200 with effect from January 2014

*Rs.350 increment for Pensioners

*Defense spending to be increased by Rs.249 billion for the year 2014

*The Academic Allowance of all university lecturers to be increased by 5% of their basic salary

*Women Entrepreneurs up to the  the age 68 to be received interest free loans up to Rs.250,000

*Uniform Allowance Of Hospital Staff to be increased to Rs.1500 from Rs.500

*National Stroke Center to be setting up ,New Naval and Marine University to be established

*Two Children's Hospitals to be upgraded as research centers

 *License of transporting the Furniture  Cancelled

*Pension Scheme for Farmers age over 63

*Leasing Agreement for foreigners to obtain local lands

were among some key proposals included in the  67th Annual Budget Proposals presented to the Parliament today(21) by President Mahinda Rajapaksha who is also the finance minister of this government.

One of the major proposals presented under the 2014 budget proposals is the allocating more money for the defense expenditure next year.according to the proposals 16.5% out of the total estimated expenditure for 2014 Rs.1542 billion are allocating for the defense budget.

While presenting annual budget proposals to the parliament president rajapaksha has said that country's economy has achieved a 7.7% economic growth in the third quarter this year when
comparing to the third quarter of last year (2012) which is 6.4%.

The budget debate will goes on till  29th of November and final vote will take place on 20th of December.

Forty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Six Persons Were Arrested Last Year For Narcotic Related Offenses

Forty seven thousand nine hundred twenty six persons(47,926) have been arrested throughout the island last year(2012) over narcotic related offenses according to National Dangerous Drug Control Board.the amount of narcotics including cannabis and heroin taken in to custody last year was around seventy three thousand nine hundred four kilo grammes and nine hundred forty five  grammes the board has said.

Around 65% Out of the total number of offenders arrested over narcotic related offenses are cannabis users and 35% were heroin users source said.there's an increase of cannabis users in the country during last five yeas doctors said.

 Meanwhile Forty seven thousand eight hundred forty four(47,844) court cases were filed last year throughout the island related to narcotics the Dangerous Drug Control Board has stressed. .

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

President To Present Budget Proposals To Parliament

President Mahinda Rajapaksha is due to present  the Budget Proposals 2014  to the Parliament tomorrow(21) at 1 p.m.the second reading of the budget will take place on 22nd of November and  the debate will goes on till 29th of November.the vote of the second reading of budget will be held at  same day at 6.30 p.m.

The committee stage of the budget proposals due to commence on 02nd of December and will continue till 20th of December.the vote for third reading of the budget will also take place on  the same day according to sources.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health Ministry Is Planning To Buy Expensive"Oncasper" Injection Vials From An Expensive Supplier

Under the guidance of Health Ministry Media Unit official Health Authorities are planning to purchase the  expensive "Oncasper"Injection Vials prescribe  for  child cancer patients at Cancer Hospital, Maharagama from  a fraudulent drug company  Markss Health Care Services Private Limited by Rs.400,000 per vial which is  Rs.200,000 more then the vials of said injection purchased from previous supplier Onmax drug company health sources revealed,

To enable the purchasing of "Oncasper" Injection Vials from the fraudulent drug company the said Media Official of the Health Ministry has guided  health authorities to suspend the previous injection  supplier  by falsely branding them as involved in a drug scam at Cancer Hospital sources said.

A huge sum of commissions too involved when  purchasing of the injection vials from  fraudulent drug company and already a sum of Rs.125,000 has been transferred in to the private bank account of  said official by the drug company health ministry sources added.however after leaking the information on this deal the said official has suspended that account sources further said.

Meanwhile the National Drug Authority has given registration to the fraudulent drug company on 08th of November under one day service with the view of purchasing "Oncasper " injection vials from them.however the oncologist attach to Maharagama,Cancer Hospital who is representing Technical Evaluation Committee has refused to accept the said company as new supplier of "Oncasper" injection vials of the Cancer Hospital as their prices are higher as well as the quality of the vials are questionable.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Conspiracy On Transfering Midwives Duties To Nurses-President Of Midwives Assocation

The Government Midwives Association has accused that there's a conspiracy implemented in Government Hospitals to transfer the duties of Midwives to Nurses.according to the President of Midwives Association Mrs.Davika Kodithuwakku by doing this some officials are trying to make Midwives Service a Dying Service.

In Some of the maternity hospitals in Colombo nurses are trying to grab the duties of midwives and health officials are supporting she has further added she has further added.that around 2900 midwives are working there  in hospitals as well as attach to MOH Offices.

Indian Touch Heal Therapist Dr.Sashikanth Seth Arrived Sri Lanka

shashikant s.seth.jpgAn Indian Touch Heal Therapist Dr.Sashikanth .S.Seth is  now in Sri Lanka to  treat the  local Patients through his therapy and to conduct Short Term Training Courses for those who are interested in Touch Heal Therapy.Dr.seth has brought to the country  a special bandage this time that able to completely cure foot corn problems according to him.

He is also willing to conduct 2-3 day short training courses on Touch Heal Therapy including acupressure,dhyanyoga meditation and mudra science for those who are interested in learning  the therapy..Dr.seth will be here until 07th of December and can be reached through his mobile number 0094 11 777 114 332.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sri Lankan President Vowed Country Will Not Bow To International Pressure

As postwar reconciliation process in the country  has already began, Sri Lanka will not bow to any International Pressure like British Premier has stated and would complete it's own inquiries in it's own time Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksha has said this evening.president has also requested British Prime Minister David Cameron not to dictate him as he is  not ready to take orders from others.

Addressing a press briefing at BMICH this evening after conclusion of three day Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting Sri Lnakan President has said that as a country which has 2500 year old culture and legal system Sri Lanka is having a law enforcement process to address any issue.

Responding to the British Premier's comment on giving Sri Lanka till next march to establish a credible mechanism to investigate on alleged war crimes president has stressed that is not something a country can do overnight and therefor they should respect  our own views without pushing us in to a corner ."The postwar reconciliation process is not something one can start today and finished has to built slowly " he said.

President has also urged the international community especially the foreign media personal "to be fair" and help Sri Lanka without dividing communities.

Commonwealth Heads Of States Paid Much Attention On Issues Related To Youth Yesterday(16)

The Commonwealth Heads Of Government meet yesterday(16) in Colombo have pay much attention to the problems related to Youth sources said.the leaders have mainly discussed on unemployment,quality education system and generating of employment for youth sources added.

Meanwhile the third and final executive meeting of commonwealth heads of government are currently underway in BMICH, Colombo.a get together of heads of states held this morning.

Today is the final day of the CHOGM -2013 and commonwealth leaders are expecting to prepare a final report based on the discussions they had during last three days of the meeting .the final reports of commonwealth youth,peoples and business forums as well as the report made by commonwealth foreign ministers will also taken in to consideration.

The press briefing to announce the decisions made at commonwealth meeting will be held this evening at BMICH and the new chairman of CHOGM and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha and Commonwealth Secretary Kamalesh Sharma are due to address this briefing.

Malta To Host The Next Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting

The Commonwealth Heads Of Government who meet in Colombo today(17) have unanimously selected Malta  to host the next Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM)in 2015 after the expected host Mauritius Islands withdraw from hosting it.the prime minister of Malta Dr.Joseph Muscat was also there at the meeting when this decision has been taken according to reports.

Malta was also hosted the Commonwealth Meeting in 2005.Mauritius Islands which expected to host the event in 2015 has withdrawn from hosting it after their Prime Minister Navinchandra Ramgoolam has boycotted the Colombo Summit .

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sri Lanka Having A Credible Mechanism To Investigate Any Allegation- Sri Lankan President

Sri Lanka is having  a credible mechanism to handle  investigations on any allegation and will deny any international investigation on Sri Lanka citing human right violations President Mahinda Rajapaksha has said today(16)addressing the  media in BMICH today the president has denied allegations made by British Premier David Cameron on human right violations .

Earlier today British Premier has insisted that  Sri Lankan Government should establish a credible mechanism to investigate on alleged war crimes occurred during last phase of civil war in the country in 2009.

British Premier Intervened The Affairs Of Soverign State-Want A Mechanism To Investigate Alleged War Crimes In Sri Lanka By March

In a clear move to intervening  the affairs of sri lanka  the British Prime Minister David Cameron has today(16) urged Sri Lankan government to establish a credible  mechanism by march 2014  to investigate on alleged war crimes happened during last phase of war here in 2009 .if the sri lankan government is  not responding  this  positively Britain will push this issue to United Nations Human Rights Council to hold an international investigation in the matter British premier has said.

Speaking to  the media at BMICH this morning British Premier has strongly insisted that he will be fully worked with UN Human Rights Council and call for an international investigations in the matter if Sri Lankan Government fails to establish a credible mechanism by next March.

The salient feature of the British premier's briefing was that he didn't permitted majority of Sri Lankan Journalists present at the briefing to ask him any questions and only allowed one Sri Lankan Journalist to ask Britain always try to become a  savior of   free press and freedom of expression in to highest level their premier has today violated that rule by  only allowing  British Journalists present there to ask him questions.

When asking on the meeting he had with sri lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksha yesterday after returned from visit to Jaffna ,premier has said that it was a fruitful meeting and lots of issues related to future of the country,human rights and freedom of expression have been discussed during the meeting.when requesting Sri Lankan President on establishing credible mechanism to investigate war crimes president has asked some time to implement that he stressed.

Friday, November 15, 2013

British Premier Meet Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister

The Visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron has meet Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister C.V  Vigneshweran this evening at Public Library in Jaffna and hold talks according to political sources.the subject of the talks were not known and their meeting was  held amidst  protest from relatives of disappeared persons in Jaffna who were gathered out side the library building.the local and international media personal  were not allowed to cover these talks sources have added.

British premier has reached palaly air port through a army helicopter this evening and then went to Jaffna from  British premier  arrived Jaffna this evening after attending inauguration ceremony of Commonwealth Meeting in Colombo he  riot police with baton and shields have seen deploying in the area to strengthen  security .

Although foreign media personal present near Jaffna Library were allowed to cover the protest campaign of relatives of disappeared persons local media personal have faced enormous difficulties when covering that event too according to reports.

Commonwealth Meeting 2013 Was Inaugurated In Colombo

The Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting 2013 was inaugurated this morning at Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksha Theater in Colombo by the Prince Of Wales ,Prince Charles .heads of states and delegates representing 53 commonwealth countries have attended the colorful  inauguration ceremony contains  local dances and other cultural items.
The prince of wales,British Prime Minister David Cameron,Sri Lankan President  Mahinda Rajapaksha and Commonwealth Secretary Kamalesh Sharma have addressed the gathering.

The theme of this year's summit is “Growth with Equity; Inclusive Development"following the inauguration ceremony ,the heads of states attending the summit will meet and discuss important issues related to their countries .the venue for the discussions is Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall(BMICH) in Colombo.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

UNP To Boycott The Colombo CHOGM Summit

The main opposition  United National Party(UNP) has decided to completely boycott the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting scheduled to be commenced tomorrow(15) in Colombo the general secretary of UNP Tissa Attanayake has said today(14)earlier UNP has decided to participate the opening ceremony of commonwealth summit.

UNP has decided to boycott the summit due to the harassment of government towards UNP the secretary has stated.

Prince Charles Arrives In Sri Lanka To Inauguarte Commonwealth Summit

Britain's Prince Charles has arrived Sri Lanka this evening to inaugurate the 23rd edition of Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting(CHOGM) scheduled to be held from 15th to 17th of November on behalf of his mother the Queen Elizabeth the second.the prince was assisted with his wife the Duchess of Cornwell and they are here on a  three day official visit .

Today(14) is the 65th Birth Day of Prince Charles as well.during his participation to  the Commonwealth Meeting the prince will host several events on behalf of Queen who is the head of Commonwealth Summit including the inauguration of Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting tomorrow(15) morning , a dinner for the heads of the government and a reception for the business leaders.

Prince Charles is due to visit hill Country on Saturday and the places among he is due to visit are Historic Tooth Relic In Kandy,British Garrison Cemetery and Botanical Gardens in nuwara eliya he is due to visit a tea estate and a center for disability children run by  a British male with his sri lankan wife there.

Meanwhile a reception was held this evening at Westminster House to celebrate the birthday of prince Charles.president mahinda rajapaksha too hosted a birthday party for prince with traditional sweet meets .

Two Special Stamps To Mark CHOGM In Colombo

Two postal stamps worth Rs.5 and Rs.25 with special postal covers were issued this morning to commemorate the Commonwealth Heads Of Government meeting scheduled to be held on 15-17th November in Colombo.the newly issued stamps with postal covers were handed over to the president mahinda rajapakasha.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Channel-4 T.V Crew Has Abandoned Their Journey To Northern Sri Lanka After Protestors Blocked Their Train In Half Way

The visiting Six  member T.V crew of  Channel-4 T.V in Britain including the  controversial Journalist  Callum Macrae has sent back to Colombo by a special van this morning after the train they were traveled in to heart of Northern Province Kilinochchi was blocked by a group of protestors at Anuradhapura City(North Central Province) .

When the train reached Anuradhapura City, hundreds of protestors were sat on the rail way track and refused to allow the train which carrying hundreds of other passengers as well to continue their journey according to sources.the channel-4 t.v crew including their editor Ben de pear have stuck in Anuradhapura around two hours before abandoned their journey to kilinochchi and returned Colombo sources have added.

After allowing them to cover the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting scheduled to be held in Colombo from 15th to 17th of this month Channel-4 T.V crew including  Callum Macrae arrived Colombo yesterday(12) .they have catch an early morning train today to go to kilinochchi and after reached Anuradhapura City they have faced this incident.

Although the police officers have intervened in the incident the protestors who were blocked the rail track have repeatedly requested the Channel-4 team to return to Colombo.protestors have also accused the t.v crew for  taking funds from the defeated local terrorist group LTTE and  making controversial documentaries against Sri Lanka.

As Sri Lankan Government as well as the president mahinda rajapaksha repeatedly promised the invited guests for the commonwealth summit will have free access too all parts of the country channel-4 t.v crew has informed the incident to president's office and to the British High Commission in Colombo.

The Sri Lankan government has earlier announced  that all protests were  banned in run up to the commonwealth summit.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Commonwealth Business Forum Has Inaugurated In Colombo

The Commonwealth Business Forum has inaugurated  today (12) by president Mahinda Rajapaksha at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo with the participation of around 1500 delegates from Commonwealth Countries including key businessmen and head of states.the three day Business Forum has scheduled to be concluded on 14th of November.

Around 67 delegates from non commonwealth countries are also participating this forum according to sources.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Chamber Of Commerce has already  prepared around 50 investment projects for the Business Forum related to Tourism,Agriculture,Fisheries,Education,Information Technology and many more fields according to sources.

One of the  key businessmen who are  to address the Commonwealth Business Forum is Australian Businessman James Packer .however as he has arrived Sri Lanka with a tourist visa the main opposition party in the country United National Party(UNP) has lodged a complaint at Police Headquarters by requesting
arrest him  as he is attending the summit under tourist visa.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Group Of Protestors Demonstrated Against Arrival Of Channel-4 T.V Crew

A group of protestors have demonstrated against the visit of British Channel-4 T.V crew lead by Callum Macrae at the lobby of Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port this evening soon after  the T.V Crew has arrived Sri Lanka.Channel -4 T.V Crew has left the Air Port only after the protestors  dispersed from the area sources said.

A group called "Movement To Promote National Harmony" has organized this protest campaign and nearly 100 protestors have participated the protest  sources further added.later the protestors have held a demonstration in front of Jaic Hilton Hotel where Macrae is staying.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Two Female Parliamentarians From Australia And New Zealand Have Been Detained In Sri Lanka

Two female parliamentarians from  Australia and New Zealand have been detained and are being questioned by Sri Lankan Immigration-Emmigration officials today(10) for violating visa regulations according Immigration-Emigration Department.Australian Green Party Senator Lee Rhiannon and New Zealand Parliamentarian Jan Loggie have been detained and later released after they have promised to leave the country by cancelling their planned projects in Sri Lanka authorities revealed.

Australian Green Party Senator Rhiannon has arrived Sri Lanka to study human rights record in Sri Lanka and due to meet Civil Society Groups in Colombo as well as to be conduct a press briefing at the time when she got arrested by immigration and emigration officials.according to officials both Parliamentarians were violated visa regulations and they were planned to engage in special projects here although they arrived Sri Lanka
under  tourist visas.

Colombo-Katunayake Express Highway To Be Closed For One Hour And Fifteen Minutes Tomorrow Noon

A section of the Colombo-Katunayake Express Highway is scheduled to be closed tomorrow from 12.45 p.m to 2 p.m due to the  arriving of VIP's including heads of states for the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting(CHOGM) in Colombo.the express highway from Baseline Road to Kelaniya Bridge and Borellla and  Baudhdhaloka Mawatha will be closed during that time period due to VIP Movement sources said.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Commonwealth Secretary And A Delegation Arrived For CHOGM Summit

The Secretary General Of Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma and  a delegation of Commonwealth Secretariat in London have arrived Sri Lanka this noon  to attend Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting(CHOGM)scheduled to be held in Colombo from 15-17th  this month.

The Secretary Sharma is due to attend  the Commonwealth Youth Forum to be held in Southern City of Hambanthota from 10-14 th of November prior to the heads of government meeting.

The commonwealth secretariat it self become under heavy criticism from International Human Rights Groups,Media and some other sections for their stand of giving Sri Lanka to host this year's Commonwealth summit citing human right violations.after the Colombo Summit Sri Lanka is to chair the Commonwealth for next two years .the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting is scheduled to be held in Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall(BMICH) and Hotel Waters Edge in Colombo from 15-17th of November and leaders in so many Commonwealth Countries have already confirmed their participation to the summit.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Around 15,000 Illegal Sri Lankan Workers Sent To Saudi Arabia Returned

Around 15,000 Illegal Workers stayed in Saudi Arabia were returned to the Island today(07) on an amnesty provided by Saudi Arabian Government the Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau has said.according to the Bureau there's still around 1500 illegal Sri Lankan workers who are  stuck in Saudi Arabia due to not possessing the relevant documents.

Those illegal workers have reintroduced to the system upon which they will detained in camps up to 3-4 months and then released .

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