Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Risk Of Re Issuing The Removed Stocks Of DCD Contaminated Milk Powder To The Market-GMOA

The Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has said that there's a great risk of re issuing the DCD agro chemical contained stocks of Milk Powder which removed from the market recently as  those  stocks still not destroyed by the Health Ministry.Health Ministry should have taken those removed stocks of milk powder under them from milk powder companies and destroy them to avoid such situation the assistant secretary of GMOA Dr.Nalin Ariyaratna has said.

A large stock of Milk Powder Packets belongs to various brands imported mainly from New Zealand and Australia has been removed from the market recently after tests conducted by Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) has confirmed that they have contaminated with DCD Chemical.however those removed stocks still there in stores of milk powder companies it has been revealed.Due to this situation GMOA has already requested from ministry officials to destroy these contaminated milk powder stock with immediate effect dr,ariyaratne has said.

GMOA has also make it clear to health authorities that they are not satisfied with the way health ministry has sending imported milk powder samples to ITI for testing DCD he has stressed.without sending selected milk powder samples from the market ministry should have send samples taken from all the imported milk powder products available in local market for DCD test dr,ariyaratne has further said.

Ayurvedic Home Remedy To Cure Heart Blockage And Cholesterol

Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.OrgAn Indian Touch Heel Therapist Dr.Shasikanth Seth who is currently in Sri Lanka to treat patients through touch heal therapy  has introduced an Ayurveda  home remedy which will be   able  to cut down high cholesterol levels and open blocked heart veins.this home remedy made 100% by using locally available ingredients like Ginger,Garlic,Lemon,Apple Vinegar(Juice) and Bees Honey and it can even cure those  who need bypass heart surgery dr,seth has revealed.

The Ingredients and the way of making the said home remedy is given below.

One Cup Of Lemon Juice
One Cup Of Ginger Juice
One Cup Of Garlic Juice
One Cup Of Apple Cider Vinegar(Juice)

How to Make it-
Put all the ingredients in to a pan and mixed them well .then placed the pan on the fire and  simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or until the mixture reduces to three cups .afterwards remove the mixture from fire and cool it.then mixed 3 cups of  natural bees honey to the mixture and store it in a jar.drink one tablespoon daily every morning before break first.after consuming this a period of one month it will cut down high cholesterol levels and open blocked heart veins according to Dr.Seth.

Dr.Seth who is treating patients with physical,emotional and mental illnesses through touch heal therapy also treating childless couples from the therapy.he can be reached through the phone numbers 0094 11 777 114 332(Sri Lankan Mobile) and 0091 992 030 7779(Indian).his e mail

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