Monday, May 25, 2009

President Mahinda Rajapaksha To Receive Rajiv Gandhi Award

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha is Due to Receive the Rajiv Gandhi Award for his Leadership given to Defeat LTTE Rebels Militarily.India's Anti Terrorist Organization have been decided to give this Award to the Sri Lankan President.

The Representatives of the Organization is due to visit Sri Lanka soon to Handover the Award to him.This Award is given every year for Achievements on the Memory of Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Gazzette Notification For Local Elections In Jafna And Vavuniya

A Gazette Notification is due to Issue Shortly to Call Nominations for the Local Government Elections in Liberated Jafna and Vavuniya Districs of the Northern Sri Lanka

This is the First time that a Local Government Elections are going to be conducted in These Districts after the Government Troops Liberated these Areas from the hands of LTTE.

Head Of The LTTE'S International Wing Confirmed The Death Of Prabhakaren

Head of the LTTE'S International Wing and their current leader Kumaran Pathmanathan Yesterday Confirmed that the LTTE Leader Valupillai Prabhakaren was killed from an Sri Lankan Army Attack on last Weakend.

Pro LTTE Website yesterday Published a letter sent by the Pathmanathan who is known as KP stating that the LTTE Leader Prabhakaren was Killed and Urging their Activists to mourn for a Week over his death.Since the Sri Lankan Forces Announced the Death of Prabhakaren through the Local Media on Last Tuesday KP and European LTTE Activists denied to accept that he was killed.
Meanwhile An International NGO Based in Norwegian Capital Oslo today confirmed that Prabhakaren along with his Family Members were Killed due to an Army Attack in Northern Sri Lanka.

Defence Secretary Asked International Help To Arrest Current LTTE Chief KP

Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha today calls on International Community and United Nations to assist the Arrresting of Current Head of the LTTE and the Arms Smuggler Kumaran Pathmanathan Allias KP.

KP is currently based in Malaysia and also believed to be responsible for calling a Public Meeting there yesterday on Ealam State.However Malaysian Government urged the People not to attend that Rally as it is Illegal .

KP is also a wanted Person for the INTERPOL as He is also responsible for Killings done by LTTE under Prabhakaren.

CID Have Arrested Two Persons Over Addresing A Press Briefing On White Abductions

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials have last night(13)arrested two persons at a cafe in Mahara area over  participating ...