Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Cough Syrups Containing "Dextromethorphan"Suspended

According to the recommendation of World Health Organization(WHO) the Ministry Of Health has temporarily  suspended the usage of all cough syrups containing "Dextromethorphan"the ministry has announced today(23).

Prices Of Petrol And Diesel Increased

The prices of   90 Octane Petrol,95 Octane Petrol and Auto and Super Diesel were increased with effect from midnight yesterday(23) according to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation(CPC).according to the new price increase  a litre of  90 Octane Petrol was increased by Rs.3 (Rs.162) 95 Octane Petrol by Rs.3(Rs.170) Auto Diesel by Rs.6(Rs.121) Super by Rs.3 (Rs.145).

US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations