Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cooperatives Minister Wants Price Control For Infant Milk Powder While Milk Powder Companies Halted Their Milk Food Supply For Next Month

The Minister Of Cooperatives and Internal Trade Johnston Fernando had instructed the Consumer Affairs Authority Chairman to bring a Price Control Mechanism for Infant Milk Powder at earliest.

Meanwhile Milk Food Companies have stated that they have temporarily canceled the orders on importing Milk Powder to the country for next month as government failed to response their request positively on price revision of Milk Powders.The Companies said that the Milk Food Stocks they have now will be sufficient only for this month.

Due to the rising prices of Milk Powder in International Market as well as due to depreciation of sri lankan rupee there are no other option than increasing the price of imported milk powder the Milk Powder Companies said.They also said that the Companies bears Rs.37 loss per a kilo gramme of Milk Powder due to not revising the Milk Powder prices.

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