Sunday, November 11, 2018

UN Secretary General Urged Sri Lankan Leaders To Respect Democratic Institutions

United Nations Secretary General
Antonio Guterres  has again requested Sri Lankan leaders to respect Democratic institutions and process  and solve the present political conflict through a legal process .

UN Secretary General has issued a statement earlier urging the Sri Lankan President to convene the Prorogued Parliament soon and held a telephone conversation in this regard with President Sirisena on 01st of Nobember .

It is important to restore democracy and protecting People's rights when solving problems UN Secretary General has said.

President Has Said There Were Two Reasons Led Him To Dissolve Parliament During His Address To Nation

President Maithripala Sirisena has
revealed fixing Rs.100 to 500 million for a MP to get a majority of Support in Parliament and biased behaviour of Speaker led him to dissolve Parliament and calling a fresh election last friday (09) during his  address to the  Nation  last night (11).

The dissolved Parliament was the most corrupted in the history he has said .

There's no Parliamentary tradition as such to go for a vote to prove parliamentary majority after appointing a New Premier and even parliamentary standing orders it's not included President has stressed.

All MP's should have handed over their official vehicles to Ministry Secretaries and if not will take legal action against them. if the Parliament Is  convened on 14 th of November there will be a  bAth.  I am requesting the Public to help to conduct a peaceful election under the law "he has further said. 

Leaders Of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress And All Ceylon People's Congress To File Fundamental Cases At Supreme Court Against Dissolvement Of Parliament

Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress
Rauf Hakeem and leader of All Ceylon People's Congress  Rishsd Baduideen are   due to  file fundamental rights  cases  at Supreme Court today (12)against the dissolvement of Parliament .

The two Party leaders along with their Party MP's had gone to Mecca last week on piligrimsge and soon after the dissolvement of Parliament they have returned to the country yesterday  (11).

Both Party leaders have stated the appointment of former President Mahinda Rajapakshe as New premier and the dissolvement of Parliament were  unonstitutional .



A Person Was Killed Due To A Road Accident In Anuradhapura

A Person Was Killed and another had
been injured and hospitalized after the Motor Car they were travelling in colliding with a Clock Tower at Galkulama Roundabout on Anuradhapura -Thirappanai road in wee hours of this morning (11).

The injured including the driver of the Motor Car had been admitted to Anuradhapura General Hospital for treatment where a person travelling  in front seat of the Motor Car had succumbed to his injuries .

The deceased was a resident of Aukana area .

A Haul.Of Kerala Cannabis Recovered In Thalaimannar

Sri Lanka Navy have recovered more
than 35 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis wrapped in 04 parcels and hidden in a jungle  at Thalaimannar sea coast  area (Northern Province ) during an emergency mobile petrol carried out between Uramalai and Thalaimannar areas yesterday  (10).

The haul of Kerala Cannabis may have brought from India and hidden in  purpose of selling according to Navy .However no one arrested in this regard .
The estimated value of the Haul of Kerala Cannabis Recovered is around Rs.5 million it has been revealed.

The haul of Kerala Cannabis has been handed over to Thalaimannar Police for further investigations .

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya Has Requested Government Officers To Strictly Reject Illegal Orders

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has today
(11)requested all Government officers to strictly reject an illegal orders given by anyone in view of protecting the Sri Lankan Constitution.

The Speaker has said that various party leaders in Parliament have informed him they are going to the Supreme Court against the Presidents decision to dissolve the Parliament and calling a fresh election as President has preventEd  Parliament's  responsibility and right to take a decision on  legal validity of his decision.

If the executive purposely undermine the Parliament it should be defeated as it will become a threat to.people's rights and freedom. he has further said .

Meanwhile there were reports that some Advocates related to the higher authorities have threatened Court judges to give decisions in favour of President's decision to dissolve Parliament when party leaders filing  cases against president's decision in Supreme Court from tomorrow (12).

JVP Urged The Election Commission Not To Hold Election Under The Gazette Notification Issued By President

Leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna 
(JVP)has urged the Election Commission not to hold the Parliamentary Election fixed by President Maithripala Sirisena as the Gazette Notification issued regarding dissolvement of Parliament and conducting  election violates the Constitution.

Election Commission cannot hold Election under the extra ordinary Gazette Notification issued by President last friday (09)as the  Commission has no right to do that , the publicity Secretary of JVP MP Wijitha Herath has said.

JVP is scheduled  to  go to Supreme Court tomorrow  (12)to Challange the dissolvement of Parliament he has stressed.




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