Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dengue Epidemic Is On The Way As Dengue Mosquito Density Increased In Most Parts Of The Country

The Density of Dengue  Mosquito Larvae in majority of Districts throughout the island has increased by more than four folds during this April according to the newest  study conducted by Entomology Assistant Officers. the secretary of Health Services Entomology Assistant Officers Union Mr.Najith   Sumanasena has said that most of the districts including Colombo,Gampaha,Batticloe,Trincomalee,Galle,Matara  and Kurunagala, have Dengue Mosquito Density of 20 in "Breteau Index" which measures the mosquito larvae density in a District which is very high more than the normal rate.the normal mosquito  density in a district should be less then 5 in Breteau Index.

Due to the Dengue Mosquito Density which  increased by more than four folds in most of the districts there's a greater threat of spreading Dengue epidemic throughout the island in coming days with the assistance of rainy weather that
prevails in the country at present Mr.Sumanasena has said.

As Dengue Mosquito Larvae are breeding rapidly at present ,programmes should be implemented continuously throughout the island to destroy dengue mosquito larvae and cleaning the environment the epidemiologists advised the authorities and public.

According to the Government Hospital Sources a large number of Dengue Patients have been admitted to the hospitals during last few weeks and it increases day by day.around 7025 dengue patients have been reported throughout the island from 01st January this year to 22 nd of April and 57.66% out of these patients were residents of Colombo District.

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