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24 Health Sector Trade Unions wants President Rajapaksha To Consider Service Extension Of DGHS

The Health services Trade Union confederation has made a written appeal to president Mahinda Rajapaksha yesterday (03) by stating when giving  the proposed service extension to current Director General Of Health Services(DGHS) Dr.Ajith Mendis only consider the service performance of him not the false allegations leveled  against him by certain elements.

The DGHS is due to retire from his service next Monday (06) but due to a request of service extension to him made by majority of health sector trade unions the trade union confederation wants president to consider the service extension request.However few health sector trade unions have trying to block his service extension by leveling a fraud charges on him by stating DGHS has  responsible  for fraud activity taken place when  purchasing of  Rs.182 million worth surgical equipments to government hospitals in year 2009 .The accusers charged that  the sufficient stocks of that equipment were available  in stores then and stated it was a…