Sunday, October 7, 2018



A Lane Of Raja Mawatha In Kandy Has Been Blocked Due To A Soil Mound Collapse

A lane of the Raja Mawatha at
Randenigala area ,Kandy has been completely blocked due to a Collapsing of a Soil mound to the road this evening (07)as a result of heavy showers prevailing in the area .

Due to this situation Transport activities of the road have been disrupted.

Meanwhile Disaster Management Center of Badulla has issued red notice Landslide warning to Haldummulla Divisional Secretariet as a result of the heavy showers prevailing in .

People living in mountainous areas in Haldummulla should be vigilant over Landslides the Center has announced.

Government Will Not Take Over Provincial. COUNCIL Hospitals -Health Minister

Although so many proposals have been
received  by the Government to  take over the control of Provincial Council Hospitals under the government  , they will not be implamented according to Health Mimister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Provincial Council Hospitals have received financial assistance during last three years to develop thesec Hospitals and therefore there's no.need for the  Government to take control of the Provincial Council  Hospitals he has stressed.

Health Minister Has Instructed The Director General Of Health Services To Conduct An Inquiry Against A Kentale Hospital.Doctor

Minister of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne
has instructed the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe to conduct an inquiry and take a disciplinary action against a Doctor attached to the Kentale Base Hospital over behaving in a bad manner under the influence of liquor on last Thursday .

The instructions have been given as per the  complaints received by the Eastern Province Governor Rohita Bogollagama and Director of Health Services of the Eastern Province against the doctor .

A Large Number Of Patients Are Being Faced With Difficulties Due To The Non Performance Of "Biopsy Test"At Colombo National Hospital

An Essential Radiography Test performs at the Main X ray unit of Colombo  national Hospital "Biopsy Test" which identifies various types of Cancers ,has been stopped completely since 4 months due to a shortage of Biopsy Needless need to perform the test according to All Ceylon Nurses Union .

Due to the non performance of the Biopsy Test ,A large number of  patients  with economic difficulties are being faced with severe difficulties the Union has said .

Biopsy Needless have been supplied to the Colombo National Hospital by few leading drug and surgical item supplying Companies it has been revealed .

Both the Medical Specialists and Radiographers of the National Hospital Have been informed the Hospital Authorities on the Shortage of Biopsy Needless ,However no step Has been taken so far to supply them the acting President of the All Ceylon Nurses Union Hospital H.M.S.B Madiwatte has said.



Two Rifles Had Stolen From A State Bank At Moragahahena

A group of persons have entered a State Bank premises at Gonapala Junction in Moragahahena area last night (06 )and stolen two rifles with bullets and fled away from the area it has been reported.

There's no security Officer inside  the bank at the time of the incident it has
been revealed.However the group had not stolen  any money from the Bank and the purpose of stealing two rifles belongs to the bank  has not yet been revealed.

A special Police team attached to the Moragahahena Police is conducting an investigations on the incident. 

Two Chinese Nationals Have Been Arrested With A Stock Of Cigarettes Manufactured In China

Airport Customs have arrested two

 Chinese Nationals while attempting to smuggle 220 Cigarette Cartons containing 44,000 Cigarette sticks illegally to the country at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport last morning (06).

The Two Chinese suspects had hidden the stock of Cigarette sticks made in China inside their luggage .

The estimated value of the stock of Cigarettes taken in to custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.2.2 Million the Customs Officers have announced.

An Elderly Couple Was Killed Due To A Van -Lorry Collision

A 71 year old female and 73 year old
male have been killed and three others have been injured and hospitalized after the Van they were travelling in colliding with a Lorry transported sand at Kalalpiitiya -Nittambuwa on Colombo -Kandy main road this morning (07).

The five  injured persons have been admitted to the Wathupitiwala Hospital where the elderly couple had succumbed to their injuries.

The deceased were residents of Makkanigoda,PasYala area .

A Section Of A Road At Nawalapitiya-Thalawakale Main Road Had Sunk

A section of a road at Dimbula Tea Estate area  on Nawalapitiya-Thalawakale main road  had sunk as a result of the heavy showers prevailing at the moment according to sources .

Due to this situation transport activities of the road including running of  Private Buses and heavy vehicles on the road have come to a stand still.

The sunken area is the shortest and main way to travel Nuwara Eliya via Thalawakale from Nawalapitiya city .

If the rain continues further the sunken Area may expand  the sources have stated.




People Around Low Land Areas Near Kelani River Is Being Advised To Be Vigilant Due To Rising Water Levels Of The River

The Department of Irrigation has requested the people living in lowland areas around Kelani River to be vigilant over a  flood situation  due to the rising water levels of the River by quoting the water level of Kelani River  indicated in Nagalagam Street water indicator .

Accordingly people living in low land areas in Colombo near the river  are being advised to be vigilant over a flood situation the Irrigation Department has said.

A House Owner Has Been Remanded Over Killing Of A Wild Elephant By An Electrocution

A house owner at Kumarigama village in Uhana,Ampara has been remanded by the Ampara Magistrate Court until tomorrow (08)after being produced before the court over killing of a Wild Elephant by  electrocution yesterday  (06).

The suspect was arrested by the Police and produced before the court after a body of a Wild Elephant around 25 years old who died due to electrocution  has found near his house at Kumarigama Village .

The Elephant was killed when he was attempting to break a wire of a set of electric bulbs lightning around the house by the house owner to prevent Wild Elephants from  entering his house in search of paddy to eat it has been revealed.

Wild Elephants so often entered his house to eat paddy according to sources.



Government To Provide Concessions To The Electricity Bills Issued During Last March ,April And May

Government has decided to grant concessions for the Electricity bills of the consumers for the months of March,April and May where an is...