Saturday, December 2, 2017


Hambanthota Wild Life Officers Captured A Nine Foot Long Crocodile In A Main Road

Wild Life officers attached to the Hambanthota Wild
Life office had captured a nine foot long crocodile who arrived in near the dry zone park in Hambanthota-Mirijjawila main road today (02) after a one hour mission.

Wild Life officers believed that the Crocodile may have arrived to the road due to the adverse weather affected in Hambanthota.

The Crocodile is due to be released to the Bundala National Wild Park according to the Wild Life officers.


Twenty Indian Fishermen Have Been Arrested While Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy officers had arrrsted 20 Indian
fishermen while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters at sea area of Northern Point Of Pedro .

Navy had also taken in to custody two trawler boats the Indian fishermen arrived in Sri Lankan waters .

The fishermen along with the two trawler boats were handed over to the assistant director of Fisheries in Jaffna for a legal action according to the Navy.

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Fifteen Persons Had Died And Five Missing Due To The Adverse Weather

Fifteen persons had died and five persons missing up

to now due to the adverse weather condition including heavy showers assisted with strong winds  affected to 16 districts of the island according to the Disaster Management Center.

Around Twenty Seven persons have been admitted to the hospitals due to the injuries received as a result of adverse weather condition the Center has stated.

More than 106,000 prrsons have been affected due to the adverse weather condition up to now it has been revealed.

Around 45 Familes Have Been Evacuated Near Udaveriya Mountain in Haldummulla

Authorities have evacuated 45 families from their

houses at Weerakoongama in Haldummulla area (Badulle District)due to a landslide occurred in nearby Udaveriya mountain it has been reported.

The evacuated families have been moved to a tea factory in Udaveriya area as a precautionary measure. .
As cracks appeared in surrounding areas of the mountain ,more families need to be evacuated if the rain continues further the Divisional Secretary of Haldummulla area Sunil Abeykoon has stated.

Sand mounts had collapsed in to the roads near the area making it difficult to the authorities to reach therw,

Six Bus Passangers Were Injured Due To A Road Accident

Six persons have been injured and hospitalized after
the Van they were travelling in veering off the road , fallen down into a precipice and crashed into a tree there at Kalugahakandura in  Badulle this morning (02).

The injured were admitted to the Meegahakiwula Hospital for the treatment and two of them later transfered to the Badulle Hospital for further treatment.

The injured  have been identified as residents of Panagoda area and at the time of the accident around Ten persons were travelling in the Van it has been revealed.

The passangers of the Van had faced this accident while  on their way home after attendng a party . Accident has occurred due to the break system of the vehicle failed the Police have stated

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One Lane Of Badulla-Colombo Road Had Sunk Due To Adverse Weather

Due to the adverse weather including showers

prevailing in Badulla District a lane of  Badulla-Colombo road has sunk it has been reported.

Due to this situation authorities had taken steps to closed down one lane of the road as a precautionary measure as it may have cause problems when travelling Balangoda to Badulla .

Balangoda -Kirindigala Road also sunk due to the Adverse Weather it has been reported.

Around 12 Families Have Been Evacuated From Houses In Ehaliyagoda Due To A Landslide Threat

Around 12 families in Ehaliyagoda Divisional
Secretariat have been evacuated from their houses and moved to safe places due to a Landslide Threat according to the National Building Research Organization (NBRO).

Meanwhile transport activities of Ratnapura-Wevalwatte road have been  disrupted due to a Landslide occurred it has been revealed.

Heavy Showers Receded -Flood Threats Still There

Although the heavy showers experienced in many

districts during last few days slowly decreased overflowing of the Nilvala ,Gin and Kalu rivers continues and low land areas around these rivers have already submerged due to flood waters according to reports.

 Accordingly panadugama and Pitabaddara areas are being submerged due to the overflowing of Nilwala River and Thawalama and Baddegama areas are currently experiencing normal and minor flood situations respectively due to the overflowing of Gin river.

Due to the overflowing of Kalu River normal flood situation has occurred in some areas of Ratnapura and minor floods in Millakande area.

Also due to the overflowing of Kirama ara a minor floods occurred in Sapugoda area authorities have stated.

Landslide Warnings Issued Again For Six Districts

National Building Research Organization (NBRO) had
issued a fresh landslide warnings again to six districts and removed the earlier warnings issued to two districts.

Accordingly NBRO had issued landslide warnings to Galle, Matara, Ratnapura,Badulle,Kalutara and Hambanthota districts and removed the earlier warning issued to Kandy and Matale districts.

Authorities had requested the people living in Landslide risk areas of these districts to be vigilant over the Landslide signs including sandmount collapses ,Rock falling and Earth tremors.

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