Sunday, October 21, 2018




An Attempt To Sell Excessive Stocks Of Blood Components To Indian Companies Faced With Charges -Ravi Kumudesh

There's an attempt to export excessive stocks of Blood components including Blood Plasmas derived from Blood donated by local Blood doners to other countries through some Indian Companies who are currently facing an International inquiries over mixing artificial Blood components with natural Blood components according to the Health Professionals Academic Forum.

Ravi Kumudesh who had wrote a letter to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne on this behalf of the forum  has said that after receiving his letter Minister Dr.Senaratne has ordered the Health Ministry officials to conduct an inquiry on the issue on 27-08-2018 ,However still no inquiry has been conducted on the issue .

Few Indian Companies who are purchasing excessive stocks of Blood Components including Blood Plasmas from Sri Lanka for cheaper prices have been  made blood products from those components  and selling them to Western countries for higher prices the Forum has stated.

As the exporting of excessive stocks of Blood components derived through donors blood to other countries become a business now ,Health Authorities should stop selling blood components as selling human organs is being banned in Sri Lanka the Forum has stressed.

As most of the Indian Companies purchasing blood components from Sri Lanka are being internationally charged over mixing artificial components like animal components with natural Blood components and If something happens the country export these components can become responsible on that situation  Ravi Kumud esher has said.

Two Persons Arrested With 100 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Police officers attached to Police Anti
Narcotic Bureau have arrested two persons with around 100 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in their possession at Kochchikade in Negambo today (21).

The stock of Kerala Cannabis worth around Rs.8 million had been planned to transport to Colombo from Palavi area in Puttalam it has been revealed.

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials are due  to produce the suspects before court to obtain a detention order to question them further over the incident 

Wild Elephant Who Had Been Critically Injured After Colliding With A Train Currently Receiving Treatment

The Wild Elephant who had been
critically injured as a result of colliding with a Train travelling from Colombo to Kankasanthurai  between Ambanpola and Galgamuwa Train Stations last night (20), is currently receiving treatment at the hands of Veterinary Doctors it has been reported.

Another Wild Elephant was killed due to the collision with Train and as a result the Train was derailed .

The two Wild Elephants had been faced this incident while crossing the rail track on their journey in search of food it has been revealed.




A Service Train Had Derailed At Radalla -Train Services Had Been Suspended In Up-country Railway Line For Hours

Train Services at Up-country Railway line had been suspended for little more than five hours this morning (21)as a result of the derailment of a service Train with a Crane ,travelling from Ella  Train station to Colombo Fort Railway station between Nanu oya and Radella  Train stations near 15 th mile post.

However the Train services of the Up-country Railway line resumes this evening after repairing the damaged Railway track it has been announced.

Due to the derailment of the service Train "Udarata Manike"Train and "Podi Manike"Trains left from Badulla  Train Station to Colombo had been stopped for hours at Nanu Oya Railway station  whilest the "Podi Manike"Train travelling from Colombo to Badulla had stopped in Hatton Ralway station. 

A Tense Situation Occurred As A Large Number Of Prison Inmates In Agunakolapalassa Prison Had Launched A Protest

A tense situation occurred at
Agunakolapalassa Prison as a large number of Prison inmates there including around 150 female Prisoners had launched a protest campaign on top of a tower located middle of the Agunakolapalassa Prison premises since this morning (21).

The prison inmates have launched the protest by opposing the recruiting of Special Police Task Force Personal for the security inside the Prison it has been reported.

The prison inmates who had damaged the prison cells and came out from the cells by breaking them and assaulting Prison guards there,have opposing the Special Police Task Force Personal by saying they have strictly checking the food parcels brought by the families of Prisoners and also unnecessarily checking the inmates when they return from Courts .

Agunakolapalassa Prison Authorities had requested help from other prisons to control the situation and a team of 40 officers attached to Colombo Prisons Police Unit had left for Agunakola palassa already as a result it has been revealed

Two Persons Including A Female Businesswoman Had Been Arrested With A Stock Of Cigarette Cartons

Airport Customs Officers have today
(21)arrested a 52 year old Businesswoman and a 32 year old Male whilest attempting to smuggle 195 Cigarette Cartons containing 39,000 foreign manufactured Cigarette sticks illegally to Sri Lanka ,at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport .

The two suspects who had arrived Katunayake Airport  from Dubai via Fly Dubai flight this morning had hidden the Cigarette Cartons inside two of their luggages it has been revealed.They have arrested whilest leaving the Airport through Green Channel.

The female suspect is a resident of Hettipola area and male is a resident of Naththandiya according to Customs officers .

The estimated value of the stock of Cigarette sticks taken in to custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.1.95 million .


All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...