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Around 15,000 Illegal Sri Lankan Workers Sent To Saudi Arabia Returned

Around 15,000 Illegal Workers stayed in Saudi Arabia were returned to the Island today(07) on an amnesty provided by Saudi Arabian Government the Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau has said.according to the Bureau there's still around 1500 illegal Sri Lankan workers who are  stuck in Saudi Arabia due to not possessing the relevant documents.

Those illegal workers have reintroduced to the system upon which they will detained in camps up to 3-4 months and then released .

A Reasonable Number Of Thyroid Cancer Patients Has Annually Dying Due to Delaying Of Iodine Treatment-Oncologists

Around 500-600 Thyroid Cancer Patients have been reported throughout the Island annually and some of these patients have died due to the delaying of Radioactive Iodine Treatment according to Oncologists.already there are around 1200 thyroid cancer patients registered in Maharagama,Cancer Hospital for iodine treatment and the awaiting list for the treatment is three and half years long they have said.

To avoid delay of iodine treatment of thyroid cancer patients the Sri Lankan College Of Oncologists have been submitted a proposal to Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena on the way to enable these cancer patients to undergo iodine treatment withing one month period  after the must face surgery for them .

One of the senior Oncologists who meet the minister on last Tuesday to discuss this issue has told at a press briefing held in  the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) office this noon that few of the major points of the submitted proposal are activating the Iodine Treatment Un…

PSM'S,Nurses And Para Medics To Launch Two Day Island Wide Strike