Sunday, January 16, 2011

Indian Air Force Commander Visited Sri Lanka

The Indian Air Force Commander Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasanth Naik arrived Sri Lanka today for a short tour and visited the flooded areas of Batticloe and few areas in  Eastern and North Western provinces by a helicopter.He also distributed  some food and essential items amongst the affected people in these areas.

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Ministry Of Health Says Steps Have Been Taken To Minimize Spreading Of Infectious Diseases In Adverse Weather Affected Areas

The Ministry Of Health today said there is no threat on spreading Infectious Diseases amongst the People lives in the Areas affected by the Adverse weather conditions at present as the Ministry has taken necessary steps to prevent spreading of such diseases among them.

To prevent Infectious Diseases Ministry has already deployed five mobile teams to North Central and Eastern Provinces which are affected from the adverse weather.The Saudi Arabian Government is to send a team of Doctors to treat patients in affected areas and the United Nations fund For Population Activities(UFPA) has provided a specialized protective clothing kit for the use of pregnant mothers Ministry has stated.

Wild Bear Roams Streets Of California