Friday, June 7, 2013

Three Fishermen Died And 12 Hosptalized Due To Adverse Weather Pattern -More Fishermen Gone Missing

Due to the strong winds assisted with thunder showers occurred most parts of the Island yesterday evening three fishermen who drowned in the southern seas have died and 12 were hospitalized according to Navy sources,the bodies of the 3 died washed ashore and 12 fishermen who were rescued by Navy were admitted to Balapitiya(Southern Province) Hospital.some other fishermen who went to see have reported as missing.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Navy has dispatched 3 ships from Colombo to Galle to rescue fishermen who had gone  missing and Air Force has dispatched a Helicopter for the rescue mission.a tense situation has occurred in Dehiwala Area(Colombo Suburbs) as fishing folks blocked train tracks and demanding authorities to rescue some fishermen gone missing due to adverse weather condition.

Patients Suffered Due To The Doctors Strike In Matara Hospital

Due to the one day token strike launched by doctors attached  to Matara General Hospital ,Out Door Patients Department(OPD) clinics,routine surgeries and treatment  of the hospital were crippled according to hospital sources.only emergency services have maintained as usual.

All doctors attach to the hospital began  token strike at  8 a.m today by demanding fair trial against the hospital administration who made false charges against  hospital's doctors over arm amputation case of a law faculty student.the token strike scheduled to be conclude 8.a.m tomorrow(08).

The Free Bypass Surgery Project For Critically Ill Heart Patients Has Suspended

The heart surgery project launched by cardio thoracic surgeons in Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital,kotte  to perform bypass surgeries free of charge for those critical heart patients who are awaiting surgeries at government hospital awaiting lists has stopped since three weeks back  according to hospital sources.this project which was funded by ministry of health has stopped due to an external pressure from higher authorities of  Jayawardanapura Hospital the sources added.

The project which began in year 2010 has able to perform more than 300 bypass surgeries for free of charge to the patients attached to several hospitals throughout the island including Colombo National,Kurunagala,Kandy,Anuradhapura, and Karapitiya  hospitals.the total cost for the surgeries were borne by the Ministry Of Health as a benefit for these patients.

However some authorities in Jayawardanapura Hospital opposing this project as it has done free of charge at a hospital which is semi government charging fees from the patients.but the Cardio Thoracic surgeons there have not opposed this project and carried out the project during last three years without any difficulty as well as not disturbing the normal heart surgeries performs in the hospital according to sources.

More than five critical heart patients per week were sent to the Jayawardenapura Hospital  by other government hospitals earlier for bypass surgeries under the mentioned project.but since three weeks they stopped sending patients per a request made by a higher authority in j'pura hospital sources revealed.

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