Thursday, June 8, 2017

Foreign-Indian Minister Wages War On Street Food Momos


A Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 57 year old person was killed due to a wild elephant
attack in labunoruwa,Kekirawa (North Central Province).

The body of the deceased had been recovered in a cultivation land belonging to him last morning (08).

A Female Was Killed,Two Others Injured And Two Children Missing Due To A Vehicle Collision

A 21 year old female was killed while  two others
injured and two children went missing after the Three Wheeler they were traveling in colliding with another Three Wheeler and fallen into a vienna canal on Mahiyanganaya-Badulla road last night (08).

The critically injured three persons including a female have been admitted to the Megahakivula Hospital and the female had succumbed to her injuries after the admission.Two of the injured were transferred to the Badulle Hospital.

President Instructed To Increase The Monthly Allowance Given To Kidney Patients By Rs.2000

President  Maithripala Sirisena has advised the
authorities to increase the monthly allowance given to the Kidney patients by Rs.2000.

Accordingly the allowance will be increased from Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 .Government has granted this monthly allowance to around 20,000 Kidney patients at present.

Poson Poya Falls Today (08)

Today (08)is Poson full moon poya day.Poson is important for the Sri Lankan Buddhists as it was the day that the son of Emperor Asoka of India ,Arahath Mahinda(Mihindu)thero arrived in Sri lanka and introduced Buddhism to the country in 3rd Century B.C.

A Report On Landslide Prone Pahiyanlena Temple To Be Handed Over To The President

The report prepared on the landslide prone
Pahianlena Cave temple in Bulathsinghale,Kalutara is scheduled to be handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena by Central Cultural Fund on next Monday (12) .

The report was prepared after research on the Pahiyanlena Temple in different angles it has been reported.

President Sirisena had instructed the authorities to hand over a report on the landslide threat faced by the Temple.


A Pedestrian Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

A 73 year old pedestrian was killed after colliding with
a Three Wheeler traveling from Badulle to Bandarawela  in Badulle-Hali-Ela-Beragala road today (08).

The critically injured pedestrian had succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Badulle General Hospital.The deceased had been identified as a resident of Demodara area.

Wild Life Officials Rescued Two Wild Elephants Fallen To A Z-D Canal

Wild life officials with the assistance of residents and
Police have today (08) rescued two Wild Elephants who had fallen to the Z-D canal in Maduru Oya and released them to Pimburuththawa reserve.

The two Elephants had fallen to the canal last night it has been revealed.

NBRO Further Extended The Landslide Warnings Issued To Seven Districts

National Building Research Organization(NBRO) has
today (08) extended the landslide warnings issued to seven districts for another 24 hours due to the bad weather prevailing in those districts.

Accordingly landslide warnings extended further in Ratnapura, Galle ,Matara,Kalutara,Kegalle,Nuwara Eliya and Hambanthota districts.

Meanwhile due to the adverse weather more than 600,000 persons have been displaced and reside in makeshift camps it has been reported.

False Rumours On Tsunami Threat In Galle And Matara

Due to the invasion of inland areas by sea waters in Southern  part of  the country and Kalutara ,some have spreaded false rumors today (08) that there is a Tsunami threat in Galle and Matara
 districts according to the Disaster Management Center.

The Center has requested the people not to be panic over these false rumors as there is no threat of Tsunami in those districts at present .

Sea water has been reported as invading inland areas in Galle and Kalutara since few days ago.The Monsoon Season caused this situation the Meteorology Department has stated.

Popular Singer Prince Udaya Priyantha Has Expired

The popular local singer Prince Udaya Priyantha who was famous for his love songs in 90's has died today (08)  in a Private Hospital in Colombo at the age of 47.

Prince who had suffered from acute diabetes sung many popular songs mostly sad love songs during his musical career which cut short due to the illness.The funeral arrangements will be announced later according to his family.

Price Of A Cup Of Plain And Milk Tea Has Been Increased

The price of cup of tea has been increased with effect
from today (08)following the increase of imported sugar prices according to the All Ceylon Canteen Owners Association.

Accordingly the price of a cup of Plain Tea will be increased to Rs.20 and Milk Tea to Rs.40.

Government has increased the Special Commodity Tax imposed on imported white sugar by Rs.10 per a kilo gramme and due to this a kilo gramme of imported sugar has been increased by Rs.10 the Association has stated.

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