Wednesday, November 14, 2018


No Government In The World Has Recognised Newly Appointed Sri Lankan Government -MP Manusha Nanayakkara

No government in the world has
recognised the newly appointed government in Sri Lanka according to MP Manusha Nanayakkara who has quitted the new government and joined United National Party has said today (14).

Addressing a media briefing held at Parliamentary Complex in Colombo this evening, MP Manusha has said as a result of the interim order issued by Supreme Court against dissolvement of Parliament the legitimate Government has managed chase away the illegal government led by illegal Prime Mimister and that was a turning point of democracy.

He has quitted the new government behalf of Democracy and Justice MP has stated .

After he has resigned from his Ministerial Portfolio in new government and joined UNP, President has dissolved the Parliament as the government not able to show the majority in Parliament he has stressed .

Another group of Sri Lanka Freedom Party MP's due to join UNP Government soon MP Manusha has further  said .


Newly Appointed Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe To Make A Special Statement In Parliament Tomorrow (15)

The Prime minister appointed by the
President Maithripala Sirisena, Mahinda Rajapakshe is due to make a special statement tomorrow (15)at Parliament regarding the no confidence motion submitted against the new government and future policies of Government according to appointed Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara .

He has revealed this during a Press briefing held in Colombo this evening  (14 ).

The letter sent by the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to President Maithripala Sirisena regarding today's no confidence motion voting result has not accepted by the President he has said.

Another appointed Minister  Susil Premjayantha has said during the briefing ,There's no formal Parliament, No formal proposal submitted on no confidence and no formal voting held today at Parliament when commenting on no confidence motion .

Prime Mimister, The Cabinet and the Government appointed by President will continue further he has said .

Appointed Minister S.B Dissanayake too made similar remarks by saYing the current government will continue further.

A New Chairman Has Been Appointed To The Sri Lankan Airlines

The Chairman of Ministry of Transport
J.S Withanage has been appointed as the New chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines today (14) by the Secretary of Finance Ministry S.R.Atygala .

 However yesterday  (13)Sri Lankan Airlines Has announced its former Chief Executive Officer Kapila Chandrasena has been appointed as the New Chairman of the Aitlines following the resignation of Sri Lankan Airlines Ranjith Fernando.

Another director of the Board Of Directors of the Aitlines Mano Thiththawella has also resigned recently. 




A Tense Situation Has Occurred Due To Protests Infront Of Parliament

A tense situation has occurred in front
of the Parliament this morning (14)after the Parliamentary session as supporters of United National Party (UNP) as well as United People's Freedom Alliance  (UPFA ) have conducted  protest campaigns in support of their respective parties .

The protests held few hours and protesters had shouted slogans and attempted to break road barriers it has been reported.

Police Officers along with Riot Police have deployed to provide security in front of Parliament as a result. 



Speaker Has Taken Invalid Decisions In Invalid Parliament -Joint Opposition MP Dinesh Gunawardana

Joint Opposition Leader and appointed
Minister of New government MP Dinesh Gunawardana has said today (14 ) the decisions taken and verdicts given by the Speaker as acting like a Joker and A dictator in today's Parliamentary session were not valid .

Addressing a Press briefing held at Parliamentary Complex this noon regarding the present political situation MP Gunawardana Has stressed that there's no validity of the decisions taKen  at today's Parliamentary session as Parliament itself not valid.

Speaker has taken decisions by violating Patliamentary standing orders he said .

Newly appointed Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe will continue as Premier MP Gunawardana  has further said .

" AM Still The Prime Minister - Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe -

Constitutionally Elected Premier Ranil
Wikramasinghe has today (14)said ,He has the majority of support in Parliament and still remain as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka during a press briefing held at Parliamentary Complex this evening(14).

"Speaker has announced that  the New Government is illegal and unconstitutional after the voting of  No  confidence motion . If someone told that nothing has  happened in Parliament today ,It's illegal  and if such a thing happened  will again approved the motion tomorrow (15 )premier   Wikramasinge has said.

Speaker Had Sent The Parliament's Decision Regarding The New Government To President

Soon after  today's(14) parliamentary
session, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has sent the decision taken at the session to the President Maithripala Sirisena it has been reported.

In his letter sent to President Maithripala Sirisena Speaker has attached a copy of the no confidence motion handed over to him signed by 122 MP's .

Speaker has decided that the new government has no majority in Parliament based on voices .

Meanwhile before proceedings begin  in  today s Parliament, New Government MP's Manusha Nanayakkara ,A.H.M Fowzi and Piyasena Gamage have seated in opposition bench of the house As Parliament has provided the Constitutionally elected Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe and his team the opposition bench.

New premier Mahinda Rajapakshe  has given the Prime Minister's chair.

Meanwhile UNP MP 's Vadivel suresh and Wasantha Senanayake who had crossed over to new premier Rajapakshe's  side and accepted Ministerial portfolios have resigned from their posts and joined the United National Party (UNP) Parliamentary group soon after the Parliamentary session. 

Tense Situation In Parliament -Speaker Announced New Government Has No Majority In Parliament

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has
announced the newly appointed government led by Appointed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakshe has no majority in Parliament based on voices raised after considering the no-  confidence motion  handed over  by Leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna  (JVP )against the new government today  (14 ).

After handing over the No Confidence Motion to him ,TNA MP M.A Sumanthiran has submitted the motion to the house and speaker has Called a vote to find out majority .However as the MP's and Ministers of new government have protested against it in middle of the house ,speaker announces new government does not have the majority of support in Paiament.

Two previous Gazette notifications issued by the new government too cancelled by the house ?However new government members have stated these actions taken by violating stand orders of Parliament  .

As soon as Speaker has announced the New Government not  have the majority of support in Parliament New premier Mahinda Rajapakshe has seen leaving the house.Few of his supporting MP's had followed him.

Due to the tense situation  Parliament has adjourned by the speaker until 10 a.m tomorrow (15).

The no confidence motion was signed by 122 MP's and it was submitted to the Parliament by JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake and The publicity Secretary of JVP Vijitha Herath  has seconded it.

Today's parliamentary session lasted around 39 Minutes it has been revealed.

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