Monday, July 1, 2013

All Children Under The Age Of One Year Scheduled To Be Immunized With Extra Measles Vaccine

The Epidemiology Unit has declared this Friday(05) as a "Special Measles Vaccination Day" on immunizing children of the age group 06-12 months (one year) with an extra measles vaccine  to combat the measles epidemic currently prevails in the island.

According to the epidemiology unit around 600 children infected with measles were reported during first six months of this year and its  5 folds more than  the number of child measles patients reported during last year.out of this number 60%  of patients were less then one year old epidemiologists said.
"due to this situation we have decided to declare this special measles vaccine immunization day " a senior epidemiologist has said.

At present measles vaccine is given to the children completed one year as a combined vaccine MMR(Measles,Mums and Rubella) and it's coverage among local children stands as 99-100% .however due to some reason those who received the MMR Vaccine too have developed measles he has stressed.

The Epidemiology Unit Of Sri Lanka has appealed mothers to bring their infants age between 06 to 12 months to the nearest MOH office on this Friday and  vaccinate extra measles vaccine to avoid spreading measles among local child population.

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