Thursday, March 12, 2020

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Another 29 Suspected Corona Virus Cases Are Being Treated In 15 Government Hospitals

Around 29 Persons suspected as
infected with the Corona Virus are being received treatment at 15 Hospitals  in the country including Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda by this evening (12)according to the Epidemeology Unit .

Among these patients there are 21 Sri Lankans and 08 foreign Nationals the unit has stated.

Two persons arrived in from Italy few days back of the ages 43 and 50 years had been transferred to Infectious Diseases Hospital from Polonnaruwa Teaching Hospital today on suspicion of infected with corona virus. Accordingly the 43 year old person had been hospitalized whilst quarantinin at Kandakadu Quarantine center and the 50 year old person had been admitted whilst on a pilgrimage to Somawathiya today .

Another 27 and 25 year old persons arrived in from Italy and Dubai respectively  had been admitted to Chilaw base Hospital with Corona Virus like symptoms and they were later transferred to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital for treatment.

A tense situation occurred among neighbours of the Second Corona virus infected person in Mattegoda had been settled by doctors and PHI s in the area today.

Meanwhile Nearly 1000 persons returned Sri Lanka from Italy are currently being Quarantined at Kandakadu and Batticaloa quarantine Centers. 

All.Government Schools /Private /International Catholic Schools And Tution.Classes Closed Down To Avoid Spreading Corona Virus

The Ministry of Education has today 
(12)decided to close down all Government schools from tomorrow  (13) until 20th of April in view of avoiding  the spreading of Corona virus in the country.

All private and international Catholic schools in the country governed by the  Archbishop too will be closed down during the same period as government schools the authorities have later announced .

Meamwhile Sunday Dalham pasal (Buddhist religious classes ) conducted in Sundays at Tempoes will be closed from this week until 26 th of April it has been announced by the Ministry of Buddha Sasana .

The all Ceylon Private tutors Union has informed all private tutors in the country to suspend all private tution classes for a two week period from tomorrow.     

Third Corona Virus Infected Person In Sti Lanka Has Been Repoeted Today (12)

The second Sri Lankan infected with
Corona Virus  (Covid -19 virus ) within Sri Lanka, The third patient identified in the country is currently being received treatment at the Infectious Diseases Hospital  (IDH),Angoda according to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe.

The newly found Corona Virus infectod person  who is a 44 year old local tourist guide who had shared a same room with the Second Corona virus infected person identified  in the country who is also a Tourist guide .A driver and a lecturer on Italian language.

Both the Patients who are currently receiving treatment at the IDH Hospital had shared the same room whilst guiding a group of Italian tourists at Dambulla area earlier this month it has been revealed.

The virus believed to be transmitted to the third patient from the second infected person .

Meamwhile Health Ministry is currently tracing the persons the two Corona virus infected tourist guides had contacts with during past two weeks and the locations they were in .

The family members including the wife and children of the Second Corona virus infected person are being currently quarantined at their house in Mattegoda ,Colombo according to reports.

There's a panic situation occurred  in Ananda Collage ,Colombo this morning as a group of Mothers  had attempted to take their children back home as a runour spreads in saying that  the son of the Senior tourist guide who
Had tested positive for  Corona virus has also infected with the  virus .

However Health Ministey has later  denied the rumours  .

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