Thursday, December 6, 2018




A 500,000 Signature Petition Demanding A General Election Handed Over To MP Mahinda Rajapakshe

Chairman of the "Pavidi Handa"
Organization Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero Has yesrerday (06)handed over a petition with 500,000 collected signatures requesting to hold  a general election to Kurunagala District MP Mahinda Rajapakshe at a ceremony held in Abayaramaya Temple in Narahenpita .

The Petition was handed over amidst chanting of pirith by Buddhist Monks gathered at the Temple.

The "Pavidi Handa" Organization along with several.other Civil organization's begun collecting signatures to the petition on 29 th of November at Abayaramaya Temple .

A Mother Was Arrested And Remanded Over Not Providing Her Children Meals From Two Days

Pothuvil Magistrate has yesterday (06)
remanded a Mother of a Pothuvil village over not providing meals to her three children ,Two sons of the ages 13 and 14 years and the 07 year old daughter from two days  until 12 th of December .

The Mother was arrested by the Pothuvil  Police after her children who had arrived at Pothuvil police station yesterday begging for food and complained over the incident.

The Pothuvil OIC has provided meals to  the children and arrested their mother as per the information received from children .

According to the Police the suspected mother had received daily  meals from another person as his husband is employed in abroad and she has not allow the children to consume these meals .

Pothuvil police also produced three children before the Magistrate court  and the Magistrate Mohommad Rafi had ordered to hand over the custody of children to their uncle under the supervision of National Child Protection Authority. The three children are also due to produce before court on 22 th of December .

A Private O/Level Candidate And A Tution Master Arrested Over Cheating The Exam

Balangoda Police have yesterday
(06)arrested a private G.C.E O/Level
candidate who had answered the English Question paper with the help of text massages received to his  mobile phone and the Tution Master who had provided answers to the candidate through text massages .

The Private O/Level candidate was arrested whilst answering the English paper by  using His mobile phone placed between his legs it has been revealed. An invigilator who had witnessed the incident informed it to the In charge of the Examination hall located  in a Balangoda school and he had informed  Balangoda Police according to sources .

The suspected candidate is a resident of Depalamulla ,Balangoda and the Tution Master is a resident of Rassagala  ,Balangoda. 



As Foreigners Have Purchased Most Of The Buildings In Galle Fort -Population In Fort Had Been Reduced

Foreigners have purchased nearly 100 buildings out of around 450 buildings located in Galle Fort through brokers and maintain businesses related to Tourism Industry according to Galle Heritage Foundation .

As a result of it the population in Galle Fort has now reduced to 1500 from 3000 it has been revealed.

A perch of land in Galle Fort is being sold to foreigners per Rs.10.76 million and some brokers had sold buildings affected with legal cases to the foreigners it has been reported

Most of the buildings sold to foreigners are old Dutch buildings  it has been stated.

Supreme Court Had Extended The Interim Order Suspending President's Gazette Until This Saturday (08)

The seven member Judge Panel of
Supreme Court hearing petitions filed against President's decision to dissolve Parliament  ,had extended the interim order issued by uphelding   the Gazette Notification issued by President Maithripala Sirisena regarding dissolvement of Parliament, until this Saturday  (08).

Earlier the Supreme Court has issued the interim order suspending the gazette notification of President Regarding  dissolving  Parliament until today (06 ).

Today (06 )Hearing of intermediate petitions filed at Supreme Court against the petitions filed opposing  President's Gazette issued regarding dissolvement of Parliament has been concluded  .The further hearing of petitions will continue tomorrow (07) according to sources.

The verdict regarding the Petitions  is due to deliver tomorrow (07).

President Has Ordered Government Officers To Hold State Programmes In Auditoriums Not Laxurious Hotels

President Maithripala Sirisena has
today  (06) instructed all Government officers through a Circular to hold Government programmes including functions , Seminars and meetings within the auditoriums of State Institutions without organized them in luxurious hotels .

According to the Circular President has stressed although there are plenty of space within state institutions to hold government programmes ,No need to book luxurious hotels by spending millions of Rupees unnecessarily.

President has issued this circular in  view of preventing unnecessary spending of government money it has been revealed .

Two Persons Have Been Arrested With 231.54 Kilo Grammes Of Heroin

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officers
along with officers attached to  Sri Lanka Navy have arrested two persons whilst transporting 231.54 Kilo Grammes of Heroin in a boat at Sea coast between Balapitiya and Beruwala during a raid carried out last night (05).

This has been the second largest haul of Heroin taken in to custody in Sri Lankan history according to Police .

The Boat which transported the haul of Heroin had also  taken into custody by the Police officers it has been revealed.

The suspects who are 34 and 38 years old residents of Beruwala area are due to be questioned by the Police  over the incident through a detention order obtained from the Court .

The estimated value of the haul.of Heroin taken in to custody is more than Rs.. 2778 million Police have stated.


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