Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Eleven Health Ministers In South East Asia Region Reaffirmed Their Commitment To Control,Eliminate And Eradicate Negelcted Tropical Diseases(NTD) From Region

Displaying WHO Regional Committee.jpgHealth Ministers who are participating the ongoing World Health Organization's South East Asia Regional Health Ministers Summit have reaffirmed yesterday(06) their commitment to achieve time bound targets to control,eliminate and eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases(NTD's) including Lymphatic Filariasis(Which already eliminated from Sri Lanka),Leprosy,Yaws,Schistosomiasis and Visceral Leishmeniasis  which continue to burden the marginalized populations in the region according to the Director of WHO for South East Asia Region Dr.Poonam Ketrapal Singh.

"In recently Sri Lanka and Maldives are being recognized as free from Lymphatic Filariasis and India free from the NTD Yaws ,But efforts must be scaled up against NTD's if we are to meet our targets " Dr.Singh has stated.

At least one NTD is endemic in each member country of the WHO South East Asia Region,While the region bears the second highest burden of these infections in the world she has stressed.The NTD's targeted for  elimination in the South East Asia Region by the year 2020 including Lymphatic Filaraisis,Yaws,Leprosy and Schistosomiasis and the NTD Visceral Leishmeniasis  known as "Kala-Azar" is targeted for eliminate by the year 2017 the South East Asia Regional Director has added.   

"Maintaining  political commitment,resource allocation ,strengthening surveillance,empowering and involving communities in elimination efforts and maintaining  a targeted approach are key to achieving our goals .Like any other disease elimination and eradication programme as we move towards the last mile of elimination,new issues and challanges are emerging that need to be carefully addressed to keep the  elimination process on track " Dr.Singh has further stated.

The Regional Director also expressed WHO's ongoing support to countries striving to lift the Neglected Tropical Disease burden,pledging the WHO's technical expertise in identifying barriers and finding innovative solutions,facilitating cross-border cooperation and working with partners to support efforts of the countries.

Cabinet Approved A Proposal On Recruiting 1500 Field Assistants For National Dengue Control Programme

Image result for dengueThe Cabinet has approved  a proposal on urgently  recruiting 1500  Field Assistants to the National Dengue Control Programme  for Dengue Control Activities.

Accordingly out of this number 700 field Assistants will be recruited for Dengue Control Activities in Western Province and 100 each will be recruited to other Districts the Ministry Of Health  has stated .

Meanwhile Health Ministry has  decided to implement a Dengue Control Week in North and East from 27th of September due to the forthcoming  North East Monsoon rains.


Two Youth Were Killed Due To A Car-Lorry Collision

Image result for accidentTwo youth were killed as the car they were traveling in collided with a Lorry this evening on the Puttalam-Anuradhapura Road it has been reported.

The deceased are identified as residents in Puttalam District.

Court Case Filed Against Former LTTE Media Spokesman Daya Master Has Been Postponed

Image result for courtThe court case filed against the former Media Spokesman of the LTTE Organization Daya Master at Vavuniya High Court has been postponed today (06)until 28th of September as the Attorney General not yet submitted the report on allegation leveled against Daya Master.

The case was filed against Daya Master charging that the LTTE had used human shields during the war against Sri Lanka Army when he was a member of the organization. 

Two Accused Regarding The Floating Armory Had Been Arrested And Later Bailed Out

Image result for courtBribery Commission has arrested Major General Palitha Fernando and chairman of Avant Guarde Security Services Private Limited Nissanka Senadhipathi this evening regarding the controversial floating armory .

However they were released on bail after being produced before the Colombo Magistrate Court.

Bribery Commission has earlier filed legal cases against former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe and seven others for unlawfully authorizing  establishing of floating armory and Brigadier Palitha Fernando   and Nissanka Senadipathi are among the eight accused persons.


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Army Officer Has Drowned And Disappeared In Mount Lavinia

Image result for drownedAn Army Officer has drowned and disappeared while sea bathing along with few others at Mount Lavinia Sea Area it has been reported.

Another person has also drowned with the Army Officer but he was later rescued and the Officer had disappeared Police have stated.

Life Saving Unit of the Mount Lavinia Police have launched a search operation to find out the drowned person it has been reported.

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