Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ten Suspects Of The Student Assault Case To Appear In Courts

Ten Suspects including Six Policeman who are believed to be involved in the alleged assaulting of the IT Student in Colombo are due to produced before Colombo Magistrate Court tomorrow.The Son of the Senior Police Superintendent Vaas Gunawardana is also alleged to be involved with the Assault.

SSP Gunawardana was transferred to the Colombo Police Headquarters from the Colombo Crimes Division effect from last Friday due to this Incident.

The Funeral Of Two Youths Killed By Police Held Under Tight Security

The Funeral of the Two Youths who were shot dead by the Agulana Police in the Colombo Suburbs last weak was held this evening amidst tight Security.Police Riots Squads and Army Personal placed in the Area to prevent any Violence.

Mount Lavinia Court ordered that the Coffins of the Two Youth should take directly to the Cemetery from their Houses preventing of taking the Coffins to another Place to Protest against the Killings.

The OIC of Agulana Police Post and Five other Police Officers attached to the Post were transferred Immediately after the Residents in the Area protests against the Killing of the Youth while in the Custody.

Former Chief Of The PAFFERAL Died

The former Chairman and the Chief Executive of the Elections Monitoring Body Peoples Action for Free And Fair Elections(PAFFERAL) Mr.Kingsley Rodrigo has died his family Announced today.During last few months he has not taking part in the Election Monitoring Activities Due to Poor Health Condition .


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