Thursday, September 11, 2014

Around 2000 People Become Disabled Due To The Spinal Cord Injuries Annually -Dr.Narendra Pinto

Annually around 2000 people belonging to the age group 20-50 become disabled in Sri Lanka  due to the injuries sustained to Spinal Cord according to the Dr.Narendra Pinto ,Orthopedic Surgeon attach to Colombo ,National Hospital .Falls,Road Traffic Accidents and Violence are identified as the three major reasons cause these disabilities related to the spinal cord he has stressed.

A large amount of money is required annually   to  spend for the  rehabilitation of these victims who become disabled due to spinal cord injuries Dr.Pinto has said.

While addressing a media seminar held today (11) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo regarding "Spinal Cord Injuries" Dr.Pinto has revealed that some injuries will not cause any damage to the  spinal cord ,but it occurs during the lifting,and transporting of the  accident victim to  the hospital .

Meanwhile Dr.Lakshmi  Kumarathilake who is the director of the Unit of Youth,Elderly and Disabled Persons attach to the  the Ministry of Health has said that around 7% out of the 20 million population in Sri Lanka are suffering  from some kind of disability annually and the 12% elderly population too prone for such disabilities."The money that allocate for rehabilitation of disabled people in Sri Lanka is not sufficient and around Rs.45 million allocated this year to the ministry in this regard is below the estimated amount" she has stressed.

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