Friday, January 28, 2011

527 Dengue Patients Reported In January

In January up to now 527 Dengue Cases are reported throughout the island according to the Epidemiology Unit.Out of this number 202 Dengue Patients were reported from Colombo District while 72 reported from  from Gampaha and 41 from Jaffna District.

The epidemiologists advised Sri Lankans to destroy Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places and clean their apartments and houses as precautionary measures to prevent spreading of Dengue as rainy season is on.

450 Nominations Handed over For Forthcoming Local Elections Got Rejected

A total number of 450 nominations out of 2047 nominations handed over by the Political Parties yesterday(27th) for the forthcoming Local Government Elections were rejected according to the Elections Commissioner Mr.Dayananda Dishanayake.Out of the nominations received 1597 have been accepted by the Divisional Secretaries for 301 local government institutions Mr.Dishanayake has said.

The majority of the nominations rejected are from the Ampara District in Eastern Province as out of 164 nominations presented 48 were rejected which 43 were from Independent Groups.

Korean Female Tourist Died And Her Husband Serously Injured Due To An Accident Near Katunayake Air Port Runaway

A Korean female tourist arrived Sri Lanka was killed and her husband received serious injuries yesterday as their Vehicle met with  an accident  in a road near the safety fence of the Katunayake International Air Port runaway.The Driver of the Vehicle got admitted to Katunayake Army Hospital while the Korean Couple admitted to Negambo Base Hospital.

Cabinet Has Decided To vest Powers Of Appointing All.Foreign Mission Members To President

Cabinet has today (24)approved a Cabinet paper submitted by President Gotabaya Rajapakshe to  vest the powers of appointing  all  the Fo...