Monday, April 21, 2014

Colombo National Hospital Branch Of GMOA Criticized Parent Union's Failure To Launch Trade Union Actions

The Colombo National Hospital Branch of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has criticized it's parent union for not launching most of the island wide strike actions that have decided due to the bribery  charges leveled against   president of GMOA by the government."the GMOA now becomes a puppet union which not even able to launch an island wide strike to win demands of it's members mainly due to the president of the union" the Colombo National Branch Union of GMOA has stated.

The Government Medical Officers Association is the largest Trade Union in Sri Lanka  that representing majority of government doctors which has around 15,000 members.

The criticism over GMOA has come to limelight after the GMOA executive committee has announced today(21)  that the scheduled island wide continuous strike action of government doctors due to be launched tomorrow(22) to  demand the approval of public services commission(PSC) for their service minute  has postponed for 10 days without giving an exact  reason for that decision.

GMOA Parent Union not able to launch a single island wide strike action during last three years to win it's members demands although the executive committee has decided around 7-8 island wide strike actions in that period health sources said.

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