Monday, August 27, 2018

Bone Parts Of 104 Human Bodies Had Been Recovered From A Mass Grave At Mannar

Bone parts related to the  104 humans
murdered had been recovered from a Mass Grave at a land where the Old CWE (SATHOSA) building had located in Mannar so far and out of it  parts of 96 bodies removed from the grave through excavations by last afternoon  (27)according to Judicial Medical Officers.

However the identification of the bodies still in difficult phase and the officers involved in excavation work of the Mass Grave had decided to expand the excavation area it has been revealed.

Judicial Medical Officers involved in the process had requested From the Ministry of Justice to allow them to send these bone  parts for  a Carbon Test to a laboratory in CALIFORNIA, USA .

The Mass Grave was recovered after finding of bone parts from the Soil taken to Emil Nagar in Mannar from the dismantled Old CWE Building site in Mannar last March.

After being informed on the findings ,Mannar Magistrate had ordered Mannar Police to begin excavations at the land where the Old CWE Building was located.

Investigations on the Mass Grave is still underway .

Former Army Commander Retired General Rohan Daluwatte Has Passed Away yesterday (27)

The former Army Commander Retired General Rohan Daluwatte has passed away yesterday (27)at the age of 77 years .

The former Army commander had joined the Sri Lanka Army in 1961 and appointed as the 13 th Army Commander with effect from 01st of May 1996.

He had lead the Operation "Rivirasa "against LTTE during the Ealam war .

After his retirement he was promoted to the rank of General and later appointed as the head of the Joint Operations Command and afterwards as Chief Of Defense Staff.

President To Leave For Nepal Tomorrow (29)

President Maithripala Sirisena is due to
leave for Nepal tomorrow (29)to participate in the fourth BIMSTEC Summit to be inaugurated at Kathmandu ,Nepal on this Thursday  (30).

Technical and Economic Corporation among Regional countries related to Bay Of Bangal is due to be discussed during the summit.

The seven member countries of the BIMSTEC are Bangladesh,India,Sri Lanka,Nepal ,Thailand,Myanmar and Bhutan.



Retired Major General Remanded Over Abduction And Assault Of Journalist Keith Noyer Had Been Further Remanded

Mount Lavinia   Additional Magistrate
had yesterday  (27) further remanded the former head of the Army Intelligence Unit retired Major General  Amal Karunasekare who was arrested and remanded over the Abduction and assaulting of former Journalist attached to 'Nation' paper Keith Noyer  ,untill 10th of September.

The suspected Major General was further remanded after being produced before the court yesterday .

Criminal Investigations Department had arrested the Retired Major General Karunasekare on 05 th of April over the abduction and assault of Journalist Keith Noyer on 22nd of May 2008 .

Five Railway Trade Unions Have Decided To Suspend Their Scheduled Train Strike

Five Railway Trade Unions representing Engine Drivers,Railway Guards ,Station Masters,Controllers and Supervised Management Service had suspended the Island Wide  continuous Train Strike  scheduled to be launched with effect from midnight tomorrow (29) after a discussion held with President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (27) the Unions have announced.

The Five Railway Trade Unions have decided to launch the strike by demanding solutions for several of their service demands including Salary anomaly problem and against not solving the Salary anomaly problem as promised by President during a discussion held in  an earlier occassion.

President has requested them earlier not to go ahead with the strike as   the report of Salary Commission is due to be handover soon.

SUN To Be Directry On Top Of Sri Lanka From Today (28) Until 07 th Of September

The Sun will be directly on top of Sri Lanka from today (28) until 07 th of September according to Department Of Meteorology .

Accordingly Sun will appear directly on top of Nawakkadu,Kalapum and Konda vil areas of Jaffna  District at 12.11 p.m today (28) the Department has stated.As a result a hot weather will prevail in the area at that time according to Meteorologists .

When the Sun is visibly travelling towards south It will right on top of Sri Lanka during August.

Meanwhile  the Department has stated that there will be occasional showers in Northern part of the country along with Eastern ,North Central and Uva provinces after 2 p.m today. 

A Female Was Killed After Colliding With A Motorcycle

A 33 year old female was killed on the
spot  after colliding  with a Motorcycle at PalaKudawa Junction on Kalpitiya-Puttalam road last noon (27).

The female who was  a resident of PalaKudaWa area had collided with the Motorcycle whilst talking with a driver of a parked bus at PalaKudaWa junction it has been revealed.

Kalpitiya Traffic Police had arrested the Motorcyclist regarding the incident. 

Two Fishermen Were Arrested Over The Assaulting Of Wild Life Officers

Police Have arrested two fishermen
who had involved in assaulting Wild Life officers at Minneriya Wild Life office last night (26).

The two suspects were remanded until 11 th of September after being produced before the Bakamuna Magistrate Court today .

Soon after the arresting of the two fishermen A group of fishermen  had staged a hours long protest campaign near the Minneriya Railway station which caused heavy  traffic in Habarana- Minneriya main  road.

However the protest campaign had stopped after the Police have promised the protesters to arrange a meeting with Wild Life officers in Minneriya.

Three Wild Life officers at Minneriya had been injured due to the assault and admitted to the Habarana Hospital. 


A Body Of A Wild Elephant Had Recovered At Kuda Oya

A body of a Wild Elephant had been
recovered by a farmer at Kuda Oya (River) in Dehiattakandiya area this morning  (27).

Wild Life officers who had arrived at the place after being  informed by the farmer believes that  the Deceased Elephant might have killed due to a gun shot injuries.

The post mortem of the deceased Elephant who was around 25 years old is due to be taken place shortly by the Veterinary Officers of Ampara.

Minneriya National Wild Life Park Had Closed Down

The Minneriya National Wild Life Park had closed down temporarily  today (27)with immediate effect after a group of persons assaulted and injured  Wild Life officers attached to Minneriya Wild Life office last night (26) according to Habarana Police.

A group of 100 persons arrived in the Minneriya Wild Life office last night and assaulted the Wild Life officers there before taking a fishermen detained at the office it has been revealed.

Three Wild Life officers had been injured and admitted to the Habarana Hospital for treatment following the incident  .

The person who was under detention of Wild Life officers was a fisherman captured by the officers while fishing without a licence it has been reported.


A 15 year old boy who was on the way
to a tuition class was killed and 34 others were injured and hospitalized after the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) Bus they were travelling in toppled over and fell down a  75 feet deep precipice at Alagolla in Badulla this morning (27).

The injured three of them critically had been admitted to the Badulla General Hospital for treatment.

Police and residents of the area had launched a separate mission to rescue the Bus driver who was stucked inside the Bus.

The accident has occurred when the Bus driver attempting to allow another vehicle to overtake at a narrow place of the road it has been revealed.The Bus which belongs to the Badulla Deport has faced the incident went travelling from Badulla to Kandegedara area.

The deceased was  a resident of the Kandegedara area.


Pakistan Cricket Squad Quatantined After Testing Positive In New Zealand