Friday, October 31, 2014

Fuel Prices In Island Wide To Be Standardized From Tomorrow(01)

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation(CPC) has said that the fuel prices in island wide will be standardize with effect from tomorrow(01) following the removal of transport charges from the budget.Due to this from tomorrow on wards all petroleum filling stations in the island will sell fuel at same price CPC has announced, 

Due to not having a standard price system for fuel there were complaints that fuel are selling in outstations Rs.50-60 Ru
pees higher then in Colombo. 

Around 13 Districts In The Island Identified As Possible Landslide Situation-Sri Lanka Red Cross

Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) has said that Seven Districts in the Island have identified as possible landslide situation.According to the Red Cross  the Districts of Kandy,Matale,Badulle,NuwaraEliya,Ratnapura,Kagalle,Kalutara,Galle,Matara,Hambanthota,Gampaha,Monaragala,Kurunagale have been currently under threat of landslides.

Red Cross Society has been already assisted to evacuate around 1200 people in the district of Nuwara Eliya due to the landslide threat and those people are now sheltered at  15 evacuation  camps situated in the district.These people have received non food relief items and first aid support from the red cross,

Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Hundred Ninety Two People Now Reported As Missing Due To the Land Slide In Haldummula-Badulle.-Still No Survivors Found

According to the Disaster Management Center(DMC) around 192 people reported as missing due to the land slide occurred in Haldummala ,Badulle yesterday while rescue operations still underway rescue those who have missed with the assistance of Army,Police and Rescue Teams of National Building Organization(NBRO).

The rescue operations looking for the survivors who have believed to be trapped under the rubble of the land slide site have been suspended yesterday evening due to the heavy rain fall reported from the area and it was re launched from this morning the DMC has said,However still no survivors have been traced through the rescue operations it has been revealed.

Meanwhile due to the adverse weather condition in Badulle District The Air Force has deployed two helicopters the Bell-212 and M-17 at Nuwaraeliya and Ratmalana Domestic Air Port to be used under an emergency situation.

President Mahinda Rajapajkhsa has been visited the land slide site this morning to view the disaster occurred and instructed the authorities to provide every assistance for the people who lost their families and houses.He has also ordered the National Child Protection Authority(NCPA) to look after the needs of the children who are affected due to the landslide,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Hundred Fifty People Saved Their Lives As They Were In Work Places And Schools-One Hundred Fifty Still Missing

The Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has said this evening that 150 family members,75 adults and 75 school children  out of the 300 people went missing due to the land slide in Meeriyabadda Estate in Haldummala ,Badulla have been saved their lives as they were in their work places and schools at the the time when the incident occurred.Around 150 family members that stayed at their line rooms(houses) were trapped due to the land slide and they are believed to be under the rubble the Minister has  stressed.

Now the number of people who found dead due to the land slide risen to eight.

Around two kilo meter area where the houses were has been vanished due to the pieces of rock fell to the houses.Two government Quarters located at Haldummala area also destroyed due to the land slide it has been reported,Rescue mission carrying out by the Police and Air Force has been still under way to save the lives of those who were trapped under the rubble. 

Meanwhile if the rains continue further in the  area  the resuce mission will be badly affected the Disaster Management Center ha said.


Six People Died And Three Hundred Missing Due To A Land Slide In Badulla District

Around six people have confirmed as died and another three hundred people have went missing due to  a land slide occurred in mountainous area in Meeriyabaddewatta- Haldummulla at ,Badula District  at 7.30 a.m  this morning.

According to the Disaster Management Center around 150 families lived in the area which the land slide has occurred and 120 in line houses were destroyed due to the disaster.It has been reported that most of the people went missing due to the land slide are buried under the rubble.

The rescue efforts have currently underway.Due to the continuous rain fall experienced in  the area during last few days this situation occurred DMC has said.Around 500 soldiers are currently engaged in rescue efforts.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Government,Semi Government And Private Trade Unions Demanding Rs.10,000 Salary Increase For Government Servants

The Budget Proposals presented to the Parliament last Friday was an Election Budget targeting the forthcoming Presidential Elections and the Basic Salary of the Government Servant has been increased by only  Rs.2674 from it according to the joint convener of the Government,Semi Government and Private Sector Trade Unions Collective Saman Ratnapriya .

While increasing the salary of a  lower grade Government Servant by Rs.2674 the government has increased the salary of the higher grade officer   by Rs.16,000 Ratnapriiya has said.

Speaking at a Press Briefing held at the Government Nursing Officers Union in Colombo this morning Ratanapriya has questioned that why the salaries of government servants not increased sufficiently even that the price of a bread loaf has increased by 18 folds during last few years.The collective has already requested the government to increase the basic salary of a Government Servant by Rs.`10,000

The 45 member Trade Union Collective has planned to launch a series of seminars,and leaflet distribution campaigns for public in coming weeks to educate them on the lapses of this years budget proposals.

Government Hospital Radiographers To Launch An Island Wide Token Strike On Thursday(30)

The Government Hospital Radiographers have decided to launch an Island wide token strike on this Thursday(30) by demanding solutions for three of their service problems.

Around 550 government hospital Radiographers will be participating this strike scheduled to be launched from 8 a.m on this Thursday to 8 a.m on Friday according to the Government Radiographers Union.All the planned Radiography Tests including X Ray,C.T Scans and MRI Scans performs in government hospitals  will be cancelled during the strike period the union has said.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Government Nurses In Eastern Province To Launch A Token Strike On Wednesday

All the nurses attach to the Government Hospitals in Eastern Province have decided to launch a one day token strike on this Wednesday(29) by demanding solutions for three of their service demands the Government Nursing Officers Association (GNOA) has said.Around 1000 nurses attach to the hospitals in the province are due to participate this token strike the Association has announced.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Two Hundred People Have Been Displaced Due To The Landslide In Ududumbara

The Kandy-Mahiyangana  A-26 Road was blocked and around 200 people have been displaced this evening due to a landslide occurred between  Ududumbara and Madamahanuwara Police Division.

The officials have evacuate the people living in the area as a safety measure.

A 78 Year Old German Female Went Missing At Ududumbara Was Rescued

A 78 year old German Female who was visiting with 10 other German Nationals in Meemure ,Ududumbara in the Hill Country Area and went   missing since last Friday(24) was rescued by the Sri Lanka Air Force.It has been revealed that the missing female was engaged in climbing Nackles mountains and  while on the half way she has complained to the others that she was not able to continue  further and returned to the bus.

However her colleagues have found that although the missing female has told them that she will return to the bus she was not there in the bus.The group of German Nationals then complained the incident to the Ududumbara Police.Police have later informed on this to the Air Force and the missing female  was rescued later through a special operation launched by the Air Force by using a bell air craft,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Consumer Affairs Authority Has Seized 200,000 KG Of Expired,Colored Coriander In Colombo

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has today(25) seized 200,000 Kilo Grammes of artificially colored, expired  Coriander stored at a retail store in Colombo which prepared to   be re -released to the market in Kalmunai Area.The said stock of coriander worth around Rs.10 million  is not suitable for human consumption and discolored as it has expired already CAA has revealed.

The stock of Coriander seized  was transported from Pettah to Kalmunai to add color through a chemical process it has been revealed.After the process the  colored Coriander stock than transported back to Colombo and distributed among retailers.. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Several Concessions Given To The Public Through The 2015 Budget Proposals

The Basic Salary of the Public Service Employees have been increased up to Rs.15,000 and all the special allowances to be added to basic salary - Cost Of Living Allowance of Public Sector Employees  increased by Rs.2200 -  Water Bills reduced by 10%  for the first 25 units-  The prices of the Locally Manufactured Milk Powder Products have been reduced by Rs.100 per kilo gramme and local yogurts by Rs.3 -   The standard Price given to Milk Farmers for a liter of fresh milk  has increased  Rs.60 per a Liter-   A pension scheme to be introduced for Apparel Sector Employees       -Mahapola Scholarship fees for University Students to be  increased to Rs.4000 with effect from January 2015 -  are among key proposals made through the 2015 Budget Proposals presented to the parliament this evening by  President Mahinda Rajapaksha.

During his Budget Speech President Rajapksha has announced several other key proposals like Special Tax to be introduced for all Vehicle Imports to the country and US Dollars 100 to be charged for entrance to the casinos.The Fertilizer Subsidy of Rs.350 given to the local farmers will be continued further president has said.Also the guaranteed price for paddy to be increased from Rs.34 to Rs.40 per kilo gramme.

For the pre school teachers a monthly allowance of Rs.2500 will be granted and all the disabled persons in the country will be received Rs.3000 monthly grant according to the budget proposals.The monthly allowance given to the senior citizens of the country to be increased to Rs.2000 per month.

Among other proposals made through the budget speech are 25% electric tariff reduction for small and medium enterprises  that use below 300 units  and 15% reduction of electricity tariffs for industrial sector.

Taxes imposed on imported cars and vans  have been reduced through this budget.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

President Rajapaksha To Present The Annual Budget Proposals-2015 To The Parliament Tomorrow(24)

President Mahinda Rajapaksha is due to present the 2015 budget proposals to the Parliament tomorrow(24) as the finance Minister.This budget is the 69th annual budget presented to the parliament and 10th of the present government.

The estimated government expenditure for next year is more than Rs.3053 Billion around 17% higher then this year The Finance Ministry Sources have said.The Ministry that highest amount of money allocated from this budget  is the Ministry Of State Security And Urban Development and the amount is Rs.285 Billion.An amount of Rs.200 Billion is allocated for the Ministry Of Highways,Ports and Shipping and Rs.139 Billion is allocated for the Ministry Of Health from the budget sources have added.

The annual budget proposals which usually scheduled to be presented to the Parliament in early November present to the Parliament tomorrow due to the Presidential Elections scheduled to be held early next year the government sources said.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nurses Union Leader To Sue Media Spokesman Of Doctors Union Claiming Rs.500 Million Compansation

The President of the Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero is due to take legal action against the media spokesman of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Dr Navin Soyza by demanding Rs.500 million Compensation for making Defamatory Statements against him.Ven.Muruththettuwe Thero who is also the Chief Incumbent of the Western Province had already instructed his lawyers to file a defamatory case against the GMOA Media spokesman who said to be used abusive language against the thero during  a press briefing held on last July.

Earlier Muruththettuwe Thero who is leading the Sri Lanka's largest Nurses Union(PSNU) has sent a legal notice to the GMOA Media spokesman Dr.Soyza to pay Rs.500 million as a compensation within two weeks time for making the defamatory statements against him.As the accused
has not responded to the notice Muruththettuwe Thero has instructed his lawyers to file a case in Supreme Court against the GMOA Media spokesman.

Two Men Drowned During Sea Bath At Galle Face Green-One Was Saved

One out of the two men who drowned during their sea bath at Galle Face Green this evening was saved while other has gone  missing  the Police have announced.The saved man WAS admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.

The Police and Navy Officers have launched a joint search operation to trace  the missing person.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Health Authorities Will Never Implement The National Drug Policy-Health Trade unions

The Health Authorities here will never implement the much talked about National Drug Policy at all due to the influence of multi national drug companies the Health Trade Union Leaders have stressed.The Drug Policy which the health ministers in the recent past have been pledged that they will implement it soon since 1991 has now become a white elephant according to the Health Trade Union Leaders.

The original National Drug Policy which is based on Professor Senaka Bibile's national drug policy was approved by the cabinet in the year 2005 but it has changed later by some health officials  which was highly criticized by many professionals in the country.Due to the heavy criticisms made against the changed drug policy Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena  has instructed the health ministry officials last June to amend it  and submitted to the Parliamentary Select Committee for the approval.

However since three and half months have elapsed  since the minister's direction the whereabouts on drug policy has gone with the wind the Health Trade Union Leaders have said.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Government Allied Party JHU To Forward Eight Resolutions To The Government

One of the allied parties of the Government Coalition the Jathika Hela Urumaya(JHU) Party has passed eight resolutions during their annual convention  held yesterday to be forwarded to the government in Colombo including the reducing the present Cabinet Of Ministers to 25 members  and  abolishing the executive presidency before the forthcoming presidential elections the party sources have said.

The 11th Party Convention of the JHU was held yesterday in Colombo .The passed resolutions were read to the gathering by the Western Provincial Councilor of JHU Udaya Gammanpila.

Reducing the number of Deputy Ministers in the government to 35 members ,President should be answerable to the Parliament and non career diplomats in the Sri Lankan Foreign Services should be comprised of  35 percent of the total are among the passed resolutions.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bangladesh To Export 50,000 Metric Tonnes Of Rice To Sri Lanka

Bangladesh has agreed to export 50,000 Metric Tonnes of Rice to Sri Lanka per the request made by the  local government .Sri Lankan Government has made  this decision to importing  the  rice from Bangladesh to avoid a possible  rice shortage in local market as the drought in the dry zone destroyed  the local paddy harvest .

Earlier Bangladeshi Government has decided to sell the rice US Dollars 493 per metric tonne but changed it's decision and agreed to the price US Dollars 450 per metric tonne produced by Sri Lankan Government.

Bangladeshi Government has agreed to export the said stock of rice to Sri Lanka although their policy is  not exporting rice to any country in view of  avoiding  a possible food shortage in the country.

Water Levels Of Kalu And Gin Rivers Are On The Rise -People Reside Nearby Areas Advised To Be In Alert

The water levels of the Kalu River(Sabaragamuwa Province)  and Gin River (Southern Province) are rising rapidly since yesterday(18) the Department Of Irrigation has announced.Due to this situation the department has advised the people reside in low lying areas close to these rivers to be in alert on this .

The water levels of Nilwala River has also risen but now it's depleting the sources said.Several areas in Galle and Kalutara Districts are under floods due to the continuous rain fall experienced since yesterday.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Continuous Heavy Showers Have Flooded Some Parts In Galle-100 Families have Been Displaced

Due to the Heavy Showers falling since yesterday evening five  rural  areas in Galle District  
(Southern Province) are in floods with water levels in some areas are high as seven feet   the Disaster Management Center (DMC) has announced.

Yakkalamulla,Bandungala,Polpagoda,Kaludiyawela and Walpala areas are under floods now and around 100 families reside in those areas are being displaced due to this DMC has said.

Transport is paralyzed in flooded areas and the rescue efforts and distribution of dried rations to  those families who got trapped due to the floods has become difficult for the authorities up to now according to the Divisional Secretariat in Galle.The navy has been using a special boat for the rescue efforts.

Meanwhile the Meteorological Department has announced today that the heavy showers up to 150 mili meters are expecting in most parts of the island during  next 24 hours.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Showers With Lightning To Be Continued In Coming Days

Due to the  disturbance occurred in atmosphere   showers with lightning  will occur in many parts of the country during coming days both afternoon and night the Meteorological Department has announced.There's a possibility of having Heavy Showers up to 100 mili meters in some parts of the country as well the Department has stressed.

In Northern,Eastern and Southern coastal a
reas showers are likely to be there during mornings too

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unhygienic Small Eating House Owners In Colombo To Improve Their Standard Within Two Months

The Public Health Department In Colombo has decided to give two month period for around 200 unhygienic small eating houses based in Colombo City to improve their standard for the benefit of the public according to the Chief Medical Officer in Colombo Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni.

Around 35 selected owners of the unhygienic small eating houses based in Colombo City have been informed on this yesterday during a special seminar conducted for them at the Colombo Public Health Department.Owners of the other small eating houses in Colombo City will be informed on food safety and how to improve their standard withing next few weeks Dr.Wijemuni has said.

The photographing of the poor facilities in these small eating houses are still underway and these photographs will be used to show the owners on their lapses he has stressed.

Routine Eye Surgeries Have Been Cancelled In One Of The Theaters Attach To Colombo Eye Hospital

One of the Theaters attach to Sri Lanka's only government owned Eye Hospital ,The Eye Hospital in Colombo has been closed since last week due to an urgent repair work in the roof of the theater Eye Hospital Sources said.

Due to this situation all the  routine eye surgeries including Cataract Surgeries scheduled to be performed in that Theater are being  cancelled and only the urgent surgeries performs as usual the sources have reveled.The closed theater is due to be opened for surgeries
after finishing the repairs of the roof by next Monday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Owners Of 200 Unhygienic Small Eating Houses In Colombo City To Receive Awareness On Food Safety

The food sold by approximately 200 small eating houses located within the Colombo City are found as not good for human consumption according to the the Chief Medical Officer Of the Colombo City Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni,So many complaints are being received from the public daily against these eating houses which sell food items like Dosai, Hoppers and String Hoppers Dr.Wijemuni has said.

These eating houses are not having a proper food storage and food preparing facilities and most of these are using the water use for toilets to washing the vegetables and meet use to prepare food items he has further added.The Toilets attach to these eating houses too not in good condition Dr.Wijemuni said,

As thousands of people who are entering the Colombo City daily for Business and other purposes are consuming food from these small eating houses the Colombo Public Health Department has decided to lift the standard of these small eating houses with effect from this Thursday(16) though a specially designed plan to make aware the owners of these eating houses on the need of food safety.

Under this plan the Public Health Inspectors and other health officials of the Public Health Department are currently photographing the food preparing,storing and toilet facilities of small eating houses to identify the lapses it has been revealed,

The Colombo,Public Health Department has arranged a special workshop for 35 small eating house owners in Colombo City to make them aware  on food safety.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Four Normal Passenger Trains To Run In Between Colombo,Fort-Jaffna From Today(13)

As  "Yal Devi" Train has  Reached Jaffna Railway  Station this morning after a lapse of 24 years, Sri Lanka Department Of Railways has decided to run four normal trains in between Fort,Colombo -Jaffna daily with effect from today(13).

In addition a fully air conditioned Train is due to run from Mount Lavenia To Jaffna daily with effect from today.An Inter City Train and a night mail train are also scheduled to run in between  Colombo,Fort-Jaffna from today.

The cost of a Train Ticket from Colombo Fort-Jaffna is Rs.320 and booked first class ticket is  priced for Rs.900 according to the Sri Lanka Railways Department.The cost of the Train Ticket for Second Class is Rs.800.Meanwhile the price of the Train Ticket for fully air conditioned Train run
from Colombo Fort -Jaffna is Rs.1500.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yal Devi Train Service To Be Re Commenced From Tomorrow(13) To Jaffna From Palai After 24 Years

The train Yal Devi which has not functioned for 24 years from Palai to Jaffna due to the war situation in north and east is due to re commence it's journey  by 9.30 a.m tomorrow(13).The inaugural journey will begin under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksha.

Due to the war between Sri Lankan Army and Terrorist Group LTTE "Yal Devi has only functioned between Colombo to Palai over the last few years.As the Rail Tracks and Rail Stations between Palai to Jaffna  which destroyed due to the war have been  reconstructed under the Financial and Technical aid received from the  Indian Government the train service of Yal Devi is due to re commence from tomorrow.

Government Increased The Prices Of Ar rack And Beer

Government has increased the taxes imposed on Liquors Ar rack and Beer by  Rs.90 and Rs.10-15 per liter respectively with effect from last Friday according to the Department Of Excise .

Due to this tax increase the prices of Local Arrack has increased by Rs.90 per liter and Beers which contains more than 5% Alcohol by Rs.15 and Beers contains Alcohol less then 5% by Rs.10.

All Foreign Liquors have been increased By Rs.120 per liter.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Railway Trade Unions Suspended Their Strike Action Following The Court Order

The Railway Trade Unions have suspended  their  island wide continuous strike this morning due to the enjoining order issued by the Colombo District Court yesterday(10).

According to the Railway Graded Trade Unions Collective(RGTUC) the strike was temporarily suspended  from 7 a.m today due to the court order .However it will take some time to resume normal train services fully the collective has said.

Meanwhile some trains were functioned after the railway strike suspended this morning according to the Railways

Friday, October 10, 2014

Land Slide Warning Issued For Ten Districts

Due to the adverse weather condition prevails in the country these days the Disaster Management Center (DMC) has today (10)issued land slide warning to ten districts .The land slide warning issued to the Kandy ,NuwraEliya,Badulla,Kalutara,Galle,Matara,Hambanthota,,Matale,Ratnapura and Kagalle Districts as the meteorological department has announced that the current adverse weather condition will continue next 24 hours as well. 

Price Of Cigarettes Has Been Increased By One Rupee To Two Rupees

The price of cigarettes has been increased by One Rupee to Two Rupees with effect from today(10) the Ceylon Tobacco Company(CTC) has said.According to the new price revision  the price of a one variety of cigarette has increased from One Rupee and another variety by  Two Rupees.

Railway Strike To Continue Despite The District Court Issued An Enjoining Order Preventing The Strike Further

As the Island Wide Railway Strike Continues for the second consecutive day today(10) the Colombo District Court has issue an enjoining order to the organizers of the strike The  Railway Graded Trade Unions Collective  by preventing the trade union alliance of engaging the strike action further.It has been reported that the court has issued the enjoining order considering the complaint filed by three Passengers. 

Due to the ongoing Railway Strike Train Services  island wide have been paralyzed today as well by putting  thousands of commuters in to difficulties.

Meanwhile the Railway Graded Trade Unions Collective has today decided to continue the ongoing Railway  strike as the discussions with the authorities on their demands have failed .T
he Trade Union Collective has said that still they do not receive an enjoining order which has issued by the district court today and therefor will continue the strike .

The Railway Professionals including train drivers,controllers,station guards and Station Masters are participating the ongoing strike action,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Railway Trade Unions To Launch A 48 Hour Island Wide Strike From Midnight Tonight

The Professional Railway Trade Union Alliance(PRTUA) consists with 11 Railway Trade Unions is due to launch a 48 hour Island Wide Railway Strike from midnight tonight by demanding solutions for few of their demands including the increasing of the wages.

According to the Railways Department  night mail trains to Palali,Trincomalee,Badulla and Baticaloe as well as   passenger trains from Colombo to the  outstations and vice versa  have been  cancelled  from midnight tonight due to the strike.

All Railway Professionals including locomotive engineers,station masters ,station guards and controllers are due to participate this 48 hour strike action the Professional RailwayTrade Union Alliance has said.The major demand of the PRTUA is increasing the basic salary of their professionals from Rs.15,005 to Rs.16,350,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Third Of The Total Number Of Dengue Patients Have Been Reported From Colombo District

One third  of the Total Number of Dengue Patients reported throughout the  Island during last nine months have been reported from Colombo District according to the Sri Lanka Epidemiology Unit.

Approximately 32,101 Dengue Patients have been reported from the island from January this year up to now the Epidemiologists have said. Out of this number 10,583 patients have been reported from Colombo District.The highest number of Dengue Patients which is 6736 patients have been reported in the month of June.During last month(September) 2490 patients have been reported and around 204 dengue patients have reported so far in this Month.

As the Dengue Epidemic is spreading in  most parts of the island these days due to the rainy weather prevails in the country at present  the Epidemiologists have warned the public to clean their houses and gardens  and maintain a dengue mosquito free  environment.

Sri Lankan Navy Rescued Four Indian Fishermen In Distress At Delft Island

The Navy Officers have rescued four Indian Fishermen with their trawler in distress at west off Delft Island this morning.The rescued fishermen and the trawler were handed over to the Delft Police for further action.

Meanwhile the Indian Media has reported the incident as Sri Lankan Navy Personal have arrested the four Indian Fishermen with their trawler in Northern Seas for illegally fishing in sri lankan waters.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Two Sportsmen Representing Sri Lanka In Asian Games Held In South Korea Are Missing

Two out of the Eighty Sri Lankan  sports personalities who are  attending the ongoing 17th Asian Games held in Incheon ,South Korea have been reported as missing from the Asian Games Village according to the sources.A Hockey Player and a Beach Ball Player have run away from the Asian Games Village today  looking for  jobs in South Korea the sources have stressed.

Although the officials have identified the missing Sri Lankan Hockey Player the missing Beach Ball Player was not identified yet according to  the South Korean Authorities.The eighty  member Sri Lankan Sports Team which arrived South Korea for the games have so far won a Gold and a Bronze Medal both in male and female Cricket .

The Sri Lankan Contingent  is schedule to depart from the Asian Games Village on this Saturday after concluding the games. 

Earlier in the year 2004 a 23 member Sri Lankan Men's Hand Ball Team which  visited Germany illegally has disappeared  during the tournament.Later found that the missing Hand Ball Team has no authority to represent Sri Lanka in an International Sports Event and the team has cheated the German Organizers since the beginning of the Tournament.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Government To Re Introduce The Dual Citizenship From January-President Rajapaksha

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has said yesterday(04) that the government has planned to re introduce the granting of Dual Citizenship  from next January .

Addressing  a group of Sri Lankans in Milano,Italy President Rajapaksha has said that the Cabinet has already given  the approval to amend the relevant laws regarding the granting of  dual citizenship and the government is on the process to reintroduce the scheme .

The government has received a large number of requests to re introduce the dual citizenship scheme he has revealed.The granting of Dual Citizenship has been suspended  by the government two years ago.

University Of Sabaragamuwa Has Indefinitely Closed Down Due To A Protest

The University Of Sabaragamuwa has indefinitely closed down today (05) due to a group of students attach to the university have opposed the opening of the newly built girl's hostel of the University  by citing that the hostel building was substandard.

Due to this situation when the Higher Education Minister S.B Disanayake arrived to open the hostel  building a group of students attach to the University Of Sabaragamuwa have blocked the road and protested against it.The Police Officers there have been used tear gas to disperse the protesting students it has been reported.

Despite the  students Protest Higher Education Minister has opened the newly built  girls hostel building .

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Controversial Doctor Who Is Alleged For The Cosmetic Death Of A Lady Doctor Allowed To Perform Cosmetic Surgeries

The Controversial Sri Lankan Doctor Nimal Gamage who was charged  and was on bail in  the death of a lady doctor who died at his  cosmetic surgery clinic in Colombo -04 after administering an expired injection ,has been  allowed to resume his practice at his Cosmetic Surgery Clinic  from today(04) by the Colombo Additional Magistrate A.M Shahabdeen.

The Colombo Additional Magistrate has instructed the Bamabalapitiya(Colombo-04) yesterday (03) Police to hand over the alleged Cosmetic Surgery Clinic which was sealed after the death of the lady doctor after the Defense Counsel of the accused Dr.Gamage has requested the Court yesterday  to withdraw the restrain order imposed on his client's clinic as he is qualified on performing cosmetic surgery in USA.

Although the  alleged doctor's Defense Counsel has informed the court that Dr.Gamage is  qualified in Cosmetic Surgery in USA ,the Acting Registrar of Sri Lanka Medical Council Dr.H.M.S.S.B Herath has stated in a letter issued on 16th of September that Dr.Gamage was registerd in Sri Lanka Medical Council as a qualified medical practitioner who can practice medicine and surgery but not licensed to practice cosmetic surgery and related practices in Sri Lanka.

However the acting registrar has said that Dr.Gamage can perform cosmetic surgeries if he had experience on the field .Highlighting this point made by the Acting Registrar of the Sri Lanka Medical Council the defense counsel of Dr,Gamage has requested the court to withdraw the restraining order imposed on his client to practice cosmetic surgery here.

The Private Medical Regulatory Commission functioned under the Ministry Of Health has also stated few weeks back that the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic run by the accused Dr.Gamge is not licensed to provide cosmetic surgery .the Commission has also said that the equipment and medicine used at the clinic too not according to the standard .

Sri Lankan Collage of Plastic Surgeons and the Sri Lankan College Of Dermatologists have continuously pointed out that the environment of the said cosmetic surgery clinic is not suitable for performing cosmetic surgeries as there are no facilities like a theater,Intensive Care Unit  an anesthetist and a emergency medical service which are must when performing cosmetic surgeries.

The case is due to hear on 21st of November.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fifteen Fishermen Were Detained In North And Eastern Seas For Involvement In Illegal Fishing

During  the raids carried out by the Sri Lankan Naval Troops  this morning in North and Eastern Seas, 15 fishermen who were involved in illegal fishing by using prohibited fishing equipment have been detained along with four trawlers and 950 Kilo Grammes of Illegally caught fish the Navy Sources have said.

During the raids a fisherman was detained at Mandathivu Island in Jaffna along with a stock of illegally caught fish and 14 others were detained at Arismalai in Trincomalee Area.The nabbed illegal fishing equipment were handed over to the Pulmudai Police Station and to the Assistant Director Of Fisheries Department in Jaffna for further investigations.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Government Declared Next Monday (06) As A Public And Bank Holiday

The Government has declared next Monday(06) as a Public and Bank Holiday to mark the "Eid Ul Adha "else the  Haj Festival of the Muslims which earlier scheduled on Sunday (05).

As the moon was not sighted in Colombo on 25th of September the Colombo General Mosque has announced today that the Haj festival will be celebrated on Monday.Taking in to consideration this move the Ministry Of Public Administration And Home Affairs has announced the Monday as a holiday for government and the
bank sector.

Two Persons Got Arrested With Gold In Jaffna Sea

Two Persons were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy with 45 killo grammes of Gold while they were travelling in the sea area in Madagal ,Jaffna the Navy Sources said.The gold were hidden inside the boat the sources have further added.

Disaster Management Center Has Issued Land Slide Warnings To Five Districts

The Disaster Management Center (DMC) has issued land slide warnings to five districts today(01)As the prevailing extreme weather conditions in most parts of the country are due to continue within next 24 hours as well.The DMC has issued land slide warnings to the Districts of Nuwara Eliya,Galle,Matara,Kandy and Kagalle .

The public living in these districts are advised to give their attention to Roads ,Man Made Cut Slopes and all mountain areas in the districts.Few days back the Hatton-Nuwaraeliya Road was blocked near Nanu-Oya area due to a earth slip and the road was closed as a result.However the said road has been restored this morning according to the DMC.

Heavy Showers with lightning will continue for another few days in most parts of the country
during evenings according to the Meteorology Department.

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...