Monday, June 13, 2011

Trade Unions Attached To Apparel And Health Sectors Sent A Petition To ILO On Violating Their Rights

Joint Trade Union Alliance compromising around 13 trade unions attached to Apparel and Health Sectors sent a petition to the International Labour Organization in Geneva ,Switzerland and appeal  to intervene and stop discrimination faced by their trade unions with the hands of  the government at present.

From the petition which has sent a week ago the trade unions have stated that at present if they are launch a trade union action their members even got arrested by the authorities by violating their trade union rights.

33 Percent Of The Total Number Of Dengue Patients Reported This Year Are From Colombo District

The majority of the Dengue Patients reported througout the Island this year are from Colombo District according to the Additional Secretary of the Health Ministry Dr.Palitha Mahipala.He said that 33 percent of  the total number of Dengue Patients reported so far this year had reported from Colombo District.

Colombo District along with the Colombo City are among the 11 high risky zones identified as the Dengue prone areas Dr.Mahipala has stressed.

Addressing a Press Briefing held today at Family Health Bureau this morning He also said that the Presidential Task Force on Dengue Prevention has declared a "National Anti Mosquito Week" between 20th to 26th of June and during that week Po;ice along with tri forces will accompany the Health Officials who are conducting inspections on Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places throughout the island.

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