Wednesday, July 31, 2019


"අවංක මිත්‍රත්වයක් තුළ හමුවීමක් මිස වෙන් වීමක් තිබිය නොහැකිය -මන්ද එවැනි මිත්‍රත්වයක් නිර්මාණය වී ඇත්තේ එක්ව ගමනක් යාමට වීම නිසාය "

අදාළ රූපය

A Proposal TO Extend The State Of Emergancy By One Month Period Has Been Passed In Parliament

Parliament has yesterday (31)passed
the proposal to extend the State of Emergancy by one month period from a majority of 40 votes .

Accordingly 42 MP'S representing governing United National Front and United People's Freedom Alliance had voted in favour of the proposal and two MP's representing Tamil National Alliance  present at the occassion had voted against it .

Leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna MP's were absent during the vote .

The vote has been taken place according to a request made by Tamil National Alliance MP.S. Sritharan that a vote is  need to approve the proposal  due to the division on the proposal .

Estate Workers To Receive The Increased Daily Allowance -House Leader

Cabinet has agreed to provide money to
pay the increased Rs.50 daily allowance for Estate Workers ,Minister and House of Leader Lakshman Kiriella has informed the Parliament yesterday  (31).

Responded to a question made by Joint Opposition MP. Dinesh Gunawardane that the paying of increased Daily allowance providing  for  the Estate Workers will be paid  soon and Prime Minister Had agreed during the Cabinet Meetung held last Tuesday(30) to intervene in to the matter to provide money for it he has stressed .

Arny Commamder Has Told The Parliamentary Select Commiteee All The Persons

Army Commander Lieutinent General


Drug-resistant superbug spreading in Europe's hospitals


HAND HAND FRIENDS NEVER LEAVE සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
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No Presidential Candidate Should Have Come To Meet Me Until Production of Inquiry Reports Of Easter Sunday Attacks

Image result for cardinal malcolm ranjithColombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has today (31) stressed that no Presidential Candidate should have come to see him until production of  the inquiry report regarding  Easter Sunday Attacks to the people .

Speaking at a Press Briefing held at Archbishop's House in Colombo -07 today Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith says now everyone has forgotten the Easter Sunday Attacks occurred more than three months ago which  caused the downfall of  Sri Lankan Economy as well.

"I have helped the families of those who have died due to the attacks in numerous ways .Now those who have been affected due to the attacks need justice not compensations .Still no action has been  taken against those who had avoid intelligence reports prior to the attacks and  they are moving freely in the society .Not only the government the opposition and other political parties too were responsible for the attacks " Cardinal has stressed .

A 21 Year Old Airman Had Shot And Killed Him Self In Front Of The Swiss Ambassador's Official Residence

Image result for suicideA 21 year old Airman engaged in providing security  to the official residence of Swiss (Switzerland ) Ambassador at  Thurstan Road in Colombo  had shot and killed himself with  his official firearm this noon (31) according to Police. 

The critically injured Airman had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Colombo National Hospital it has been reported .

The cause behind the suicide attempt of the deceased who was a resident of Gampola area has not yet been revealed.

More Than 500 Acres Of Land Belonging To Two Mountain Areas of Worlds End Had Been Destroyed Due To A Fire

Image result for fireMore than 500 acres of land belonging to the "Nonperiyal" and  "Lovers " Mountains located below  the Worlds's End at Blangoda area  had been destroyed upto now due to a fire erupted there three days back  it has been revealed.

The fire is being spreading faster due to the strong winds blowing in the area and dryness of the grass  according to the sources .

Bell-22 Helicopter belonging to the Sri Lanka Air force had used for the second day today to douse the fire and the Helicopter had taken water from Samanala Wewa (River ) and sprayed towards the fire the sources have added .


Five Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Collision Of Four Vehicles

Five Persons had been injured one of
them critically and hospitalized after four vehicles including a Lorry transporting coconut shells ,A Three Wheeler, A Motor Car and a Lorry Transporting ice cream colliding with each other  at Ibbankatuwa area in Galewela -Dambulla road today (31).

The injured were admitted to Dambulla Base Hospital for treatment.

Three of the injured including the critically injured  were travelling in the Three Wheeler amd two of them in the Lorry transporting coconut shells it has been revealed.

The incident occurred when the Lorry transporting coconut shells colliding  with a Three Wheeler travelling DAmbulla from Galewela area and afterwards  the two vehicles had collided with two other vehicles nearby .

Both Lorry transporting coconut shells and the Three Wheeler toppled over the road after the Collision. Coconut shells had seen dispersed in the road following the accident according to sources .