Sunday, January 7, 2018

Dubai To Build New Record Breaking Skycraper


Police Have Arrested Three Persons Including A Kapuwa Over Distilling Illicit Liquor In A Devalaya

Police have arrested three persons including the head
of a Devalaya(A place of worship) "Kapuwa " in Hingurakgoda area while distilling illicit liquor (Kasippu) in Devalaya .

During the raid Hingurakgoda Police have taken in to custody 52,500 mili liters of Illicit Liquor spirit and several equipment use to distil Kasippu from the Devalaya it has been revealed.

The two persons arrested with Kapuwa are his assistants of the Devalaya and the Kapuwa was arrested over distilling Kasippu in a previous occassion as well the Police have stated.

Newly Built Rajagiriya Flyover Bridge To Be Inaugurated Today (08)

The 533 meter long Rajagiriya Flyover bridge built to
prevent heavy motor traffic prevails in Rajagiriya area due to be inaugurated by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wkkeamasinghe today (08).

Around Rs.4.5 billion had spent to built the new flyover bridge in Rajagiriya according to the Road Development Authority.

To prevent the heavy motor traffic in Rajagiriya the Authority has planned to modernize four roads around namely Buthgamuwa road,the road from Bo tree in Rajagiriya,Road infront of Macdonalds and a road around the Borella Cemetary it has been announced.


President To Inaugurate The Moragahakande Dam Project Today (08)

President Maithripala Sirisena is due to inaugurate the
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Moragahakande Dam Project which is the largest project constructed by the Mahaweli authority after four decades  and providing water to 300,000 acres of land for cultivation   and pure drinking water to around 300,000 persons, today (08).

The construction of the project was started on 25th of January 2007 and it due to complete on 25th of July 2016.Moragakanda project is  located in Elahara area.

The Moragakanda river is the  last river constructed under  the five Mahaweli rivers and it was built by blocking the water coming from Nuckles mountains which flowing through the Amban River and by blocking the Kalu River.Through the Moragakande Project around 2000 reservoirs in Eastern,North Central and North Western provinces will receive water.

The full water capacity of the Moragakande River is 660,000 acres and it will add 25 mega watt power to the national power grid.

In whole around 1.5 million people  will be bdnefited through the project it has been revealed.

Moragahakande River is the only river consisting of three dams built with sand ,concrete and rocks.ha

Due to the project around 3500 families in laggala and naula areas have been displaced and they are currently re settling in other areas it has been announced.

A Person Selling Betel Leaves Contain "Mawa" Narcotic And Illegal Cigarettes To School Children Arrested In Jaffna

Jaffna Police have today (07)arrested a person selling
betel leaves contain "Mawa"narcotic and Illegal Cigarettes targetting  school children at a trade stall  in nallur,Jaffna.

Police have also taken in to custody a stock of Betel Leaves contain "Mawa"narcotic and Illegal Cigarettes in possession of the suspect who had arrived in Jaffna from Puttalam area.

The suspect due to produce before the court.

Sydney Swelters With Near Record High Temperature


A Young Couple Was Killed Due To A Three Wheeler-Car Collision

A young couple was killed and their infant had
critically injured and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in colliding with a Car arrived in opposite direction at Thambuttegama area last evening (06).

The critically injured couple and their infant were admitted to the Anuradhapura General Hospital for treatment where the couple had succumbed to their injuries on admission.

The driver of the Car was arrested by the Police over the accident and he is due to produce before the court.

Prime Minister Wikramasinghe Had Requested The Speaker To Convene The Parliament To Debate On Bond Scam Report

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe had today
(07)requested the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to convene the Parliament as soon as possible to begin a debate on the report of Central Bank Bond scam issue while addressing the special convention of ruling United National Party (UNP)held today (07)at Campball Park in Borella (Colombo).

Opposition Parties have earlier stated that the Speaker should convene a special parliamentary session over the Bond scam report which was handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena recently.

The special convention of UNP was held to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Party.

A Person Was Arrested While Transporting Heroin

Matale Police have arrested a person while
transporting 3.5 grammes of Heroin from Kandy to Matale by hidden in his underwear at Thanna,Matale.

The suspect who is a resident of Kirimatiyawa in Matale had several court cases filed against him previously over smuggling narcotics it has been revealed.

He is due to be produced before the Matale Magistrate Court along with the haul of Heroin taken in to custody in possession of the suspect.

A Motorcyclist Was Killed After Colliding With An Animal

A 37 year old Motorcyclist was killed after colliding
with an unirentified Animal at Dimuthugama area on Hambanthota-Meegahapandura road last night (06)it has been revealed.

The critically injured Motorcyclist had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Hambanthota Hospital for treatment.

The Motorcycle ridden by the deceased who was a resident of Dimuthugama area was toppled over the road after colliding with the animal it has been revealed.

Asthma And Hay Fever Sufferers Are 50% More Likely To Develop Cataracts ,A Study Finds


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