Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Aistralia -Cyclone Uesi To Bring Storms To New south Wales And Queensland

A Brave Female Government Office Who Had Silenced A Government Minister

Birthday Of Popular Sri Lankan Singer Late H.R Jothipala Falls Today(12)


Storm Ciara Kills At least Seven In Europe


Dust Particles In the Atmosphere Of Colombo And Several.Cities Are On The Increase

Dust particles in the air of
Colombo and several other key cities and areas  are on the increase these days due to change of the atmospheric conditions according to National Building Research Organization (NBRO ).

As a result it might  cause Phlegm ,Cold and cough and sensitive people should be vigilant over this  situation the Chief Scientist of NBRO Sarath premasiri has said.

This situation will be prevailed for another 2.3 days he has stressed. South Asian and African countries are  experiencing with  the Air pollution these days he has been revealed. 

STF And Police Had Taken In To Custody 91.5 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Special Police Task Force(STF) personal
along with Manippai Police in Jaffna had been taken into custody 91.5 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis whilst transporting in a Tipper Truck at Manippai area today (12).

During the raid the suspect who had been transported the stock of Kerala Cannabis had fled away from the area it has been reported .

The tipper truck was taken in to custody  by the  Police  during the raid .The estimated value of the stock of Kerala Cannabis is more than Rs.10 million it has been reported .

Manippai Police are conducting an investigations to arrest the suspect who had transported the stock of Kerala Cannabis after being brought from India through a boat.  

MP Ranjan Ramanayake Had Been Further Remanded Until 26 th Of February

Remanded MP Ranjan Ramanayake had
been further remanded until 26 th of February by the Nugegoda Magistrate Court today (12) after being produced before the court .

MP Ramanayake had been remanded over the charges of Interfearing with judicial matters by involved in telephone conversations with judges and kept in possesion an illegal fire arm.

The Remanded MP Had been produced befire the court today. He had undergone a voice test at the Government Analyst 's Department recently. 

China Seizes Hotels And Hospitals To Fight Against Corona Virus Disease