Monday, December 9, 2013

Massive Protest Campaign Of Health Professionals In Front Of Minsitry Of Health

The Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM's),Nurses and Para Medical Officers are to be hold a massive protest campaign in front of Ministry Of Health from 12 noon to 1 p.m on 18th of December by demanding solutions for six of their service demands.according to the Joint Council Of Nurses-PSM'S And Para Medical Officers around 100 members representing 16 categories belongs to the council scheduled to be participated for this protest campaign .

Kidney Transplants Performs For The Chronicle Kidney Disease Patients Of North Central Province Decreased

Although around 200 kidney transplant surgeries should have been performed annually to the deadly Chronicle Kidney Disease patients  in North Central Province for their recovery only 17 such transplants have been done last year the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has said."as the only available effective  treatment for the deadly kidney disease the kidney transplant surgeries performs in north central province should have been increased "GMOA has stressed.

The shortage of Consultant Nephrologists and other staff members  in the newly built special kidney unit at Anuradhapura General Hospital is the main reason for the small number of kidney transplants performed in last year sources have revealed.

GMOA has prepared a 12 proposal plan to be implemented to combat the deadly chronicle kidney disease spreading in north central province at present  including the  setting up of a special unit in Health Ministry to provide instructions on combating the disease .the plan is due to be hand over to the Ministry soon GMOA sources said.

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