Thursday, June 11, 2009

Over Two Thousend Dengue Patients And Thirty Four Related Deaths Reported June Alone

Around 2o65 Dengue Patients were reported throughout the Island since the 01st of June up to today and 34 Dengue Patients are died according to the Epidemiology Department.Total number of Dengue Patients and Deaths reported from this month is higher than the Total reported throughout last year it has been revealed.
From this year around 9112 Dengue Patients and 128 Dengue Deaths were reported from the Island and large number of patients are reported from the Districts of Kandy(24),Colombo(13) and Gampaha(21).

Meanwhile Ministry Of Health says today that around 90 Percent of the Flu Patients reported from Sri Lanka these days are Dengue Patients and this was proved by the tests done in the Lab of the Singapore National University.Twenty Blood Samples of the Sri Lankan Flu Patients were tested by the Professor Grubbler of the Singapore Lab and out of it Ninteen Samples were proved as infected with Dengue Virus according to the Ministry.Even the Tests carried out by the Medical Research Institute in Colombo too proved this condition.

Further tests are carriedout at the Lab to findout the Cause of the Increasing number of Dengue Deaths this year compared to previous years as most of these Deaths were caused the Shock Syndrome.Researchers are looking at whether a Change of Genetic Pattern or the Virus causing this Situation.Authorities appealed from the Public to destroy Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places and keep the Environment Clean to prevent spreading of the Disease further.

University Of Kelaniya Closed Down Indefinitely Following Clashes Between Students And Residents

University Of Kelaniya one of the leading universities of Sri Lanka closed down indefinitely this noon following a Clashes between University Students and the Residents of the Area became violent.Nine Residents of the Area were hospitalized following a group of students reside in the University Hostel attacked them last night with Iron Bars over a dispute.

After this attack Residents of the Area armed with clubs and poles surrounded the University Hostel this morning to attack the Group of Students as a Revenge and afterwardsUniversity Authorities called Police to restore normalcy.After arrived to the University Premises Police fired Tear Gas to disperse the Attackers.Although the Kelaniya University was closed Down Medical Faculty attached to the University will functioned as usual.

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