Friday, May 10, 2013

CID Has Released Former Municipal Councilor Azath Salley

Former member of Colombo municipal council and secretary of national unity alliance Azath Salley who was arrested by Criminal Investigations Unit(CID) last Thursday (02) on charges of making statement  which threatened national security was released on bail today(10).he was admitted to   the Colombo national hospital ward on the time of his release as he has refused to drink or eat since his arrest .

Mr.Salley was arrested under the prevention of terrorism act in connection with the statement he was given to indian paper "Junior Vikatan"on 24th of April 2013 which is described as a threat to national security .saleey was in hunger strike since his arrest which  led to his admission to national hospital.he was released after his affidavit sent to president Mahinda Rajapaksha seeking justice.after been released salley has said that his statesmen given to the Junior Vikatan paper was misquoted  by the paper and he will  never harm the sovereignty and integrity of sri lanka. 

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