Friday, February 10, 2012

National Hospital Docs Claimed The Breaking Down Of Hospital Administration Due To Absence Of A Proper Medical Adminsitrator

The Doctors attached to largest hospital of Sri Lanka ,The Colombo National Hospital  are charging  that the authorities have not appointing  a proper qualified medical administrator to cover up the duties of Acting Hospital Director Dr.(Mrs.) S.Senarathna when she is in duty leave and as a result the hospital administration is completely breakdown in such days.

"During last two weeks when the acting hospital director Dr.Senarathne was in abroad no proper administrator was appointed to cover up the duties of her in Sri lnaka's largest hospital ,the largest in Asia as well equipped with 3000 beds "according to a senior medical officer attached to the hospital.Due to this situation the administration activities were completely down fall and  things get back to normal after the director of Hospital's Accident Service Dr,Prasad Ariyawansha was self appointed as Director of Hospital and covered up duties he stressed,

As there is no proper Deputy Director in the Hospital this will affect patient care too if running like this the said medical officer has  further said."The Director Of Accident Service cannot cover up duties of the Hospital Director most often as he him self have to look in  a vast area of  work in Accident Service as well as in Orthopedic Section of  National Hospital he stressed.