Friday, November 2, 2018



Two UNP Minister's Had Gone To Their Ministries And Worked

Minister of Megapolis and Western
Provincial Development of the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe 's Cabinet Patali Champika Ranawake and Minister of Primary Industries Daya Gamage had gone to their respective Ministries today (02)and worked although Many Ministers refrain from going to their Ministries due to threats  according to sources

Mimister Ranawake had instructed the officials of the Ministry Of Megapolis not to follow any order made  by the Ministers and officials appointed by the President Sirisena after 26 th of October as they are illegal .

Minister has also informed  the Ministry Staff that those Minister's and s officers appointed after 26 th of October are illegal and following their orders is a violation of the constitution .

  • UNP Minister's are planning to meet officials of the other ministries and informed them too to not to follow the instructions of newly Appointed Cabinet members and officials as they are  other ilegal. 

National. POLICE Commission Has Cancelled Two Appointments Made By IGP.

National Police Commission had

cancelled the decision taken by the Inspector General Of Police (IGP)Pujith Jayasundara to remove the OIC of Prime Minister's Security Division Chief Superintendent of Police P.N.Guruge from the post and recruit The Superintendent of Police W.M Wikramasinghe to the post with immediate effect.

According to a special Police message issued by the IGP Jayasundara on 30 th of October , Chief Superintendent of Police P.N.Guruge was ordered to remove from OIC Post in Prime Minister's Security Division and recruit him for normal duties. Superintendent of Police W.M. Wikramasinghe had been ordered to recruit to the OIC Post in Prime Minister's security Division by the IGP.

These Appointments  had  done without getting approval of National Police Commission it has been reported.


An Indian National Was Arrested With A Stock Of Foreign Currency Notes

An Indian National had been arrested
whilest attempting to smuggle Foreign Currency notes worth Rs.20.74 million illegally to Singapore this morning  (02)at Katunayake, Bandaranaike International Airport .

The suspect who is a resident of Tamil Nadu,South India had arrived at Katunayake, Airport to fly to Singapore with the stock of foreign currency notes it has been revealed.

Among the stock of Foreign Currency Notes taken in to custody in possession of the suspect were Euros,British Pounds and Saudi RIyals. 



Another Two MP's Jumped Into The Other Side From UNP And TNA Received Ministries

Another Two MP's Jumped in to the side
Dof newly Elected Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe from United National Party (UNP )and Tamil National Alliance  (TNA) had sworn in as A Cabinet Minister and a Deputy Minister before President Maithripala Sirisena this evening  (02)at Presidential Secretariet.

Accordingly UNP MP S.B.Navinna has sworn the Minister Of Cultural, Internal and Development and S.Vilendran has sworn in as Deputy Minister of Regional Development. 

Lanka Indian Oil Company (LIOC) To Reduce The Prices Of Petrol And Auto Diesel From Tonight

Lanka Indian Oil Company  (LIOC ) had also due to reduce the prices of Octane -92 Petrol and Auto Diesel with effect from midnight tonight (02)following the price reduction of Petrol and Diesel of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

Accordingly a Liter of LIOC -Octane -92 Petrol will be reduced by Rs.2 and a Liter of Auto Diesel will be reduced by Rs.11.

A Meeting Was held Between Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe And Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe Over Security

A meeting was held between Constitutionally elected Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe at Prime Minister's official residence Temple Trees last night (01)to discuss matters relevent to premier and Temple Trees it has been revealed.

According to the former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe ,the problems occurred regarding Temple Trees and security situation of Premier Wikramasinghe had been widely discussed at the Meeting .

Former Defense Secretary had gone to meet Premier Wikramasinghe as a representative of both President Msithripala Sirisena and newly elected Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe it has been revealed. 

Parliament Will Be Convened On 07 th Of November ,President Informed The Speaker

President Maithripala Sirisena has
today (02 )informed Speaker Karu Jayasuriya that the Parliament Will be convened on Wednesday the 07 th of November, Speaker has informed the Party delegates during a meeting held this morning at Parliamentary Complex.

President Sirisena has phoned the speaker and informed on this according to Speaker Jayasuriya. Speaker had earlier requested the President to convene the Prorogued Parliament as soon as possible to show the majority and elect the Premier .

Speaker has requested the Party delegates to support to convene the Parliament soon.

Meanwhile United National Party (UNP) MP Ranjan Ramanayake has said that UNP currently  Has the support of 123 MP' s.


Pakistan Cricket Squad Quatantined After Testing Positive In New Zealand