Friday, April 26, 2019

More Than US Dollars 1000 Million Loss Incurred By The Economy Due To Recent Attacks -P.M Wikramasinghe

More than US Dollars 1000 million loss
incurred by the Sri Lanka's economy due to the recent easter sunday attacks Prime Minister Ranil Wikramadunghe has stressed during his adressing to the nation speech .

Tourism industry is also affected due to this situation he has stated.

Meanwhile Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera has said Sri Lanka will restored security in the country and improve the econony very soon .He had requested the foreign investors not to leave the country due to the prevailing  situation .


Three Persons Arrested With C-4 Category Explosives

Two Navy personal have arrested three
persons with around 01 Kilo Grammes of powerful explosives of C-4 category near the Wellawatta Railway station yesterday(26).

The explosives have found in a suspicious Three wheeler parked near the Railway station during an inspection  .

Navy had handed over the three suspects ,the stock of explosives and the Three wheeler taken in to custody to the Army for further investigations.

Nsvy Have Exploded Unattended Suspicious Parcel Found Near A Police Station

Navy personal have exploded a
suspicious parcel left near the Kandana Police station today(27) safely.

However no explosives found in the parcel it has been revealed.


when the nation is grieving over the killing of innocent  people  on the easter sunday bombings,No one should take advantage of the situation.

Security Forces Have Recovered Bodies Of 18 Persons Includes Suicide Bombers And Children In And Outside Of A House In Kalmunai

Security forces have recovered 15
bodies including t03  bodies believes to be that of suicide bombers in and outside of a house at Seindumaridu ,Kalmunai(Eastern Province)during a search operation carried out there last night(26).

Accordingly bodies of 03 men ,,03 females and 06 children had been  found inside the house and bodies of  03 suicide bombers had been found outside the house .

Forces have hospitalized  a critically injured female and a child found inside the house.

Security in the area had strengthened according to Police Media spokesman's office.

A police Constable in the area first received an information that a group of terrorists residing in a house at Senindumaridu area and after informing his higher officers on this  a team of Special Police Task Force (STF)and Army personal carried out a search operation there.

When the forces arrived in there a group of armed extremists with around six members had opened fire towards forces and after two hours of battle forces able to  defeated them by killing some of the extremists .Later three explosions occurred in the house according to STF.

Search operations continue in the area.

Brother Of Minister Rishad Baduideen Had Been Arrested Over Sunday Bombings-Later Released After Obtaining A Statement

Sri Lanka Army had taken into  custody
the brother of Minister of Industries And Commerce Rishad Baduideen over the Easter Sunday Bomb attacks and handed over him to the Mannar Police for  questioning.

After obtaining a statement from the minister's brother for the ongoing investigations regarding the attacks  he was released by the police.His vehicle too taken in to custody and later released after searching it.

Two Tea Estate Workers Had Been Critically Injured Due To A Leopard Attack

Two Tea Estate workers attached to a Tea Estate at Kotiyagala in  ,Bagawanthalawa area had been critically injured and hospitalized after being attacked by a leopard this morning(26).

The critically injured workers had been admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital and later transferred to Kandy Teaching Hospital via Dikoya Base Hospital it has been reported.Another Estate Worker who had attempted to rescue the injured workers had also attacked by the leopard .

The incident occurred when the leopard who was hiding amongst the Tea shrubs had attacked the Tea Estate workers during work.

Wild life officers at Nallathanniya Wild Life Office along with  Tea estate workers had launched a mission to capture the leopatd.


Two Bodies And A Fire Arm Recovered From An Exploded Van At Kalmunai

Two bodies and a firearm had been
recovered from a Van that exploded in Kalmunai few hours ago according to Special Police Task Force(STF).

Another explosion had occurred in a house at Seindumaridu area in Kalmunai and STF Personal are involved in searching that house  commander of STF DIG M.R.Lathif has stated.

STF personal have also recovered a suicide bomb kit during the search operation carried out in the area.Police curfew is being imposed there until further notice due to the situation.

Security is being tightened in the area DIG Lathif has stressed.

Meanwhile a civilan was killed and three others had been injured due to the gun shot exchange between forces and a group of extremists at Kalmunai area  it has been revealed.

Seven persons have been arrested by the forces regarding the incident.

Curfew Has Been Imposed Islsnd Wide At 10.P.M Until 4 A.M Tomorrow(27)

Curfew has been imposed in island
wide from 10p.m today(26)until 4 a.m tomorrow(27)according to Police Department.

Seatch operations that are being carried  out island wide will continue .

All Schools And State Universities To Be Re-Opened On 06th Of May

National Security Council has today
(26)decided to re-open all  Schools and state Universities on 06th of May not on 29th of April as announced  previously .

All state schools closed for Sinhala/Hindu New Year were  due to be reopened for the second term on 21st of April earlier however it has been postponed until 23rd following the easter sunday bombings .

Thereafter Ministry of Education has postponed the reopening date of schools until 29 th of April .

University grants  Commission (UGC)has  announced this week that all state Universities in the country will be closed until further notice and all the scheduled exams of Universities will be postponed due to the prevailing situation.

Meanwhile all Private Educational Institutes of the country has today announced they will closed until next Monday(29) .

Police Curfew Imposed Until Further Notice In Three Police Areas At Eastern Province

Police have imposed a curfew in
Kalmunai,Chawalakade and Samanthurai police  areas (Eastern Province)with immediate effect until further notice due to the situation occurred in these areas  according to Police Media Spokesman's office .

A gun shooting incident occurred between a group of  extremists and Security forces at Seindumaridu in Kalmunai this evening ,recovering of explosives from one of the areas and three explosions believes to be suicide bombs exploded inside a house in Saindumaridu,kalmunai  area led to imposed the curfew police media spokesman Superintendent of  police (SP) Ruwan Gunasekare .

Special Police Task Force personal and Sri Lanka Army have carried out a search operation at Senidumaridu area following an information received yhat a group of extremists  were  hiding in the house.

Gun Shots Have Been Exchanged Between Security Forces And An Armed Group In Kalmunai

Gun shots  have been exchanged
between Security forces and an armed group at Saidumaradu in Kalmunai (Eastern Province)this evening during a search operation carried out in the area by forces (26) according to Police Media Spokesman's Office.

Gun shots have been exchanged between an armed group of around six members and Special Police Task Force Personal(STF) near Jumma Mosque at Kalmunai it has been reported.

The forces personal who had been involved in a search operation in the area heard an explosion near the mosque and when they went that area an armed group fired gun shots towards them it has been revealed. Gun shots have been exchanged around two hour period and the forces have recovered a store equipped with explosives and materials used to produce explosives in the area according to Police Media Spokesman's office.

World's Tallest Skyscraper "Burj Khaliffa" Pay Tribute To Easter Sunday Bomb Victims By Lights Up With Sri Lanka Flag

A Head Priest Of A Mosque In Slave Island Had Been Arrested With 47 Swords And Illegal Material In Possession

Police have raided a Muslim Mosque located at Palliweediya in Slave Island and arrested head
priest of the Mosque with around 47 sharpen Swords ,20 Uniforms similar to Army Uniforms and a Suicide Bomb Kit without an explosives in his possession this morning (26).

The stock of Swords had been found under the bed of the Mosque's head priest it has been revealed .

The suspected Head priest of the mosque along with the equipment and uniforms taken in to custody in possession with him had been brought to the Slave Island police.Police have began investigations over the incident .

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