Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GMOA Declared This Week As A Week On Implementing Annual Doctors Transfers

Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has declared this week as a " week on implementing  annual transfers of government hospital doctors".GMOA has already informed hospital administrators to implement doctors transfers during 16th to 23rd of September .

Those hospital administrators who are not able to release the doctors who are in annual  transfers list withing the given week will face disciplinary action the media spokesman of GMOA Dr.Naveen De Soyza has said today(17)government medical officers association has already requested ministry of health to take disciplinary action against  medical administrators who are failing to act accordingly he has added.

According to this year's annual transfer list of government doctors 3179 doctors are due to transfer dr.soyza has said."some medical administrators are purposely not transferring the additional doctors of their hospitals who have received transfer orders  by citing that there are  no  replacements for them .but it is the duty of the administrators to get suitable replacements for their  transferred doctors prior to transfers "dr.soyza  has stressed.

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