Saturday, May 24, 2014

Health Secretary And The Media Officer Who were Involved In Corrupt Tender Deals Have Removed From Their Posts

The Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake  and the media officer of the Ministry D.Wanninayake whose names have been mentioned in related to most of the corrupt tender deals of  Health Ministry in recent times set to be  removed from there posts with immediate effect. media officer Wanninayake has already been removed from his post with effect from yesterday according to the reliable sources. 

The former media officer who has removed from his post in the health ministry yesterday  too involved in most of the corrupt tender deals reported from the ministry and received huge sums of money as commissions  from some corrupted drug companies for supporting them  till the date he has been removed sources said.Besides his involvement in corrupt tender deals,Dr.Jayathilake who has   just returned from Geneva,Switzerland after attending the Health Assembly of The World Health Organization(WHO) has been criticized by the Nurses Unions and the Government Midwives Union over his controversial decisions taken regarding the midwifery training issue of Nurses.

 However there are reports that Dr.Jayathilake is to assume duties as the new Treasury Secretary replacing the current secretary Dr.P.B Jayasundera . Dr.Jayasundera is to leave his post  due to the influence of government minister and the leader of National Democratic Front Wimal Weerawansha who is criticizing the economic policies adapted by Dr.Jayasundera..

The current secretary of the Ministry Of Plantations Mrs.Sudharma Karunaratne is due to be appointed as the new secretary of the Ministry Of Health sources have added.

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