Thursday, June 6, 2019



Mount Lavinia Court Banned A Procession And Rally Scheduled To Be Organized By Akmeemana DayaRathna Thero

Mount Lavinia Magistrate Court has
completely banned an illegal Procession and a Rally scheduled to be organized by Akmeemana  Dayarathna Thero in Dehiwala Police division tomorrow  (07).

As the Procession and the rally may cause an unrest in the area and disturbance to peace Dehiwala Police have requested the court to issue a court order to ban  the events .

Mount Lavinia Court had banned the events after considering the request made by Police.  


IGP Pujith Jayasundara Has Revealed Before Parliamentary Select Committee Probing Easter Sunday Attacks, President Has Forced Him To Take Responsibility Of Not Avoiding Easter Sunday Attacks

Inspector General Of Police  (IGP)who is
on Compulsory leave had revealed today (07)President Maithripala SIRISENA had requested him several times to take the responsibility of not avoiding the Easter Sunday attacks and step down from the post else ready to go home without a pension ,by giving evidence before the Parliamentary Select Committee probe on Easter Sunday attacks.

President has informed the IGP Jayasundara that if he can step down from his post by taking responsibility of not avoiding the attacks he will be offered with a Foreign Ambassador post IGP Jayasundara has stressed .

He has also told the Committee that in the eve of Saturday 20 th of April a day before the Easter Sunday attacks Former Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando contactEd him and told "tomorrow Is very dangerous. Something will happened ".According to the information he has received taken steps to inform senior Deputy Inspector Generals of Police  (DIG)of Southern ,Eastern and Western Provinces Pujith Jayasundara has told .

He has also revealed that he was not invited to the National Security Council meetings by the President since last October .

Extremist Leader Mohommad Zahran's Brothers Bodies To Be Exhumed Tomorrow (07)

Bodies of the brothers of Thowheeth

 Jamaath Organization leader Mohommad Zahran Hashim are due to be exhumed from their graves in Ampara General Cemetery tomorrow (07) to take samples again to send them to Government Analyst for tests
according to Police .

The bodies of Zahran's brothers will be exhumed due to the four samples of these bodies sent to the Government Analyst to identify them were not in good condition it has been revealed .

The bodies will be exhumed before Ampara Chief Magistrate and a court order has been obtained in this regard  from Kalmunai Magistrate Court .

Zahran's brothers had killed them selves through a Suicide bomb explosion on 26th of April at a house in Seindumaridu in Ampara .


A Team Headed By Colombo Chief JMO To Check Females Complained Against Dr.Safi

A Team of Specialists headed by  Chief
Judicial Medical Officer (JMO)in Colombo has been appointed to check females who had complained against Kurunagala Teaching Hospital Doctor Seigu Siyabdeen Mohommad Safi over illegal sterilization according to Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare.

A Six member Special Investigations Board appointed to probe over complaints against Dr.Safi has not been  able to carry out its probe as planned as the staff of Kurunagala Hospital avoid giving statements to the Board .However an interim report has been handed over by the Board to Health Ministry Secretary Wasantha Perera on their findings last Monday  (02).

Meanwhile Another 31 complaints had been received by Kurunagala Teaching Hospital today(06) against Dr.safi bringing the total number of complaints received so far by the hospital against Dr. Safi to 581.Around 114 complaints had been received by Dambulla Hospital against Dr.Dr.Safi so far No it has been reported .

CID Has Recorded Statements From 540 Persons Over Complaints Made Against Dr.Safi

Criminal Investigations Department
(CID)had been recorded statements from 540 persons regarding the complaints made against Senior Doctor attached to Gynaecology and Obstetrics Section of the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital Dr.Seigu Siyabdeen
Mohommad Safi over illegal sterilization according to Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare.

Addressing a media briefing held in Colombo today (06)SP Gunasekare has stressed statements had been recorded from 421 females complained against Dr.Safi over illegal sterilization after their CeaserIan Operations, 32 Doctors ,06 Gynaecologists  (VOG),69 Nurses of Kurunagala Teaching Hospital and 18 Hospital workers over the Dr. safi's case .

Four Complaints Had Been Received By the Committee Set Up To Submit Complaints Against Baduideen, Sally And Hisbulla

Four complaints had been received so
far by the Complaints Committee set up by the Police Department to make complaints against  Former Minister Rishad Baduideen and two Former Governors Azath Sally and H.A.L.M Hisbulla according to Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare.

Accordingly three complaints had been received against Former Minister Baduideen and one against former Westetn Province Governor Azath Zally he has stressed.

The complaints committee set up on 04th of June and  comprising of Three senior Police Officers had sent all these complaints to the Criminal Investigations Department  (CID)for further investigations it has been revealed .

Public can make complaints to this committee until 12 th of June it has been announced. 

Eight Out Of Nine Muslim Ministers Resigned Had Handed Over Their Resignation Letters To Presidential Secretariet

Eight out of the  Nine Muslim Cabinet
,State and Deputy Ministars of the government  who had resigned from their Ministerial Portfolios last Monday  (02)had handed over their resignation letters to Presidential Secretariet today (06)it has been reported.

Although the Nine Muslim Ministers Had announced that they have handed over the resignation letters to Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasimghe ,Presidential Secretariet had stated yesterday that they have not handed over any letter to them in.this regard .

Except Road and Road Development Minister  of United National Party government Kabir Hashim
 who hado left abroad all other eight Ministers including Rauf Hakeem, Rishad Baduideen ,Abdul Haleem ,Amir Ali and Faizal Qasim had handed over their resignation letters to Presidential Secretariet.

Most sections of the society have criticised that these resigned Ministers still using Their Ministerial vehicles and keep their personal staff with them without change. 


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