Friday, October 29, 2010

Student Leader Remanded Till 12th Of November

The convener of the Inter University Students Federation Udul Premarathna who got arrested today by the police has  remanded till 12th of November by the Fort Magistrate.The student leader got arrested soon after he and few other members of the Inter University Students Federation had talks with the main opposition United National Party Leaders on the problems faced by the universities at present.

Colombo Magistrate Ordered To Release General Fonseka's Secretray

Colombo Magistrate Court today released the Secretary of the imprisoned former army commander retired general sarath fonseka, Captain Seneka Silva from charge of allegedly attempt to topple the government.Due to the insufficient reports gathered against him Colombo Chief Magistrate Rashmi Singappuli ordered his release from the charge.

Rs.500 Million Worth Expired And Low Quality Drug Containers Stored In Drug Stores At Ratmalana

Thirteen Containers loaded with expired and low quality drugs are currently stored at the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation Stores Complex in Ratmalana of the Colombo District since few months it has been revealed.According to the Corpoartion sources the value of these drugs are estimated as more than Rs.500 million.

The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation sources said that the drug Salbutamole  which prescribed for Asthma Patients is among the drugs stored in those containers and even when this drug is manufactured by the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation(SPMC) the State Pharmaceuticals Company who are importing drugs to government hospitals refused to purchase the above drug from the SPMC by saying importing it from India is cheeper than buying the local product.However after importing the Salbutamole Drug from an Indian Company it has been proved that the drug is in low quality and only afterwards State Pharamaceuticals Corporation purchased the locally manufactured Salbutamole from the SPMC it has learned.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry sources said that the officials of the Special Investigations Unit of the Ministry visited and inspected the expired and low quality drug containers currently stored in the stores complex in Ratmalana few weeks back.

Police Arrested The University Students Convenor

Police today arrested the convenor of the Inter University Students Federation Udul Premaratna for illegaly entering the University Grants Commision Building in Colombo two weeks ago and damged the property and allegdly organizing students protests in all universities in the country.Police arrested the convenor after the additional magistrate in colombo issued a order saying that the police can arrest him and four others if they done any damage to the property of the University Grants Commision Building.

Supreme Court Dismissed The Presidential Elections Petition

A five member panel of judges in the Supreme Court today dismissed the Presidential Elections Petition filed by the Imprisoned former army commander retired general sarath fonseka against President Mahinda Rajapaksha without examining it.

The decision to dismissed the petition was taken after considering the pointmade by the lawters representing the President saying that the petition was not submitted properly.From the petition General Fonseka charged that the  recently concluded Presidential Elections in January 2010 was full with malpactices and iregularities.

Prices Of Liquor And Cigerrettes Goes Up

The prices of all liquors and varities of Cigerrettes are increasesd with the effect from midnight yesterday(28).According to this price increase a bottle local Arrack is increased from 15 Rupees and a bottle of of bear incraesed from 5 Rupees.

All varieties of Cigerrettes will increased from 1 Rupees.The price increase come in to effect after the Government increased the Taxes of Liquor and Cigerrettes from midnight yesterday.

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