Thursday, August 15, 2013

162,500 Low Quality Blood Transfusion Kits Have Distributed Among Major Government Hospitals

Around 162,500 low quality Blood Transfusion Kits have been purchased from a Company in Singapore and distributed among major government hospitals throughout the island the Health Services Trade Union Alliance (HSTUA) has said.the said stock of low quality blood transfusion kits are having small hole each and they are covered with sticker pasted on the hole the alliance revealed.

According to the president of HSTUA Mr.Saman Rathnapriya through this unsafe low quality blood transfusion kits blood donor as well as the blood recipient will face health problems .medical supplies division of the Ministry Of Health which purchased these blood kits for  Rs.42.28 per a kit purchased the stock on 15th of July this year.the expiry date of the said blood transfusion kits are May 2016 he has said.the health services trade union alliance has appealed from the health minister and health ministry secretary to investigate on the said stock of low quality blood transfusion kits before allow government hospitals to use them.

Government Nursing Officers Union To Go To Courts Against Fonterra

Government Nursing Officers Union has decided to filed court case against New Zealand Milk Powder Manufacture Fonterra withing next few days for  contempt of court by advertising their milk products as free from  DCD Chemical and Clostredium Bacteria even after investigations have revealed that the said products are contaminated with them.

speaking at a press briefing held in Colombo this noon the president of Nursing Officers Union Saman Ratnapriya has said that Fonterra Company has trying to mislead the general public in Sri Lanka by advertising false facts on their products while the parent company of Fonterra in Ne
w Zealand has accepted that some of their milk products have contaminated with DCD Chemical and Clostredium Bacteria.he has questioned on the double standard the company has adapted  on the issue in here and abroad.

Even the New Zealand government and Fonterra Company have apologized from the countries like China,Hong Kong Russia and Vietnam for exporting Whey Protein contained Milk Powders contaminated with Bacteria for them he has stressed.

Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...