Monday, April 16, 2012

417 Injured Children Hospitalized During Sinhalese And Tamil New Year Holidays

Around 417 injured children including those injured due to put their hands in  to the  heated  Oil Pans were received treatment from Lady Ridgway Children's Hospital during Sinhalese and Tamil New Year Festival Season  from 12th to 15th of April according to Hospital Sources.Out of this number 296 Children were received OPD Treatment for their injuries and 121 were  hospitalized for further treatment.

Around 12 children  who have  received burn injuries after they put their hands in to heated oil pans prepared for making traditional new year sweet meats like Oil Cakes (Konda Kawum) and Kokis are currently receiving further treatment from Burns Unit of the hospital it has been reported .These Children are reside in Colombo and Suburb Areas and this is the first time  that a large number of children with such injuries got admitted to Children's Hospital.

Except Burn Injuries most other children who are  hospitalized were due to bruises and cuts received through accidental falls hospital sources further said.

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